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80+ Youth Attend Life Skills Training

Field Update - By Jake Boner

Today we wrapped up an excellent four-day Life Skills Training course for youth, facilitated by our Hope for Korah staff. Every day was geared towards helping young people expand their understanding of essential life skills including critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, sex education, skills for navigating through pressures, relationships and developing self-confidence. We had the great pleasure of seeing over 80 young people actively participate and attend this course. This type of training is crucial, especially for young people living in Korah. Children in Korah are often subject to a variety of harsh and difficult life circumstances which dramatically impacts the course of their lives.

It was amazing to witness our young people have the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns and opinions on a wide range of social issues. Everyone was involved in healthy, open discussions which left each person feeling that their opinions matter. There were many fun games and activities taking place each day and the laughter and joy could be heard from well beyond our compound. Every day a delicious lunch and snacks were enjoyed by all, plus students had free time to interact.

After the training concluded I approached a number of students to hear feedback regarding what they had learned. One young man when asked what he took away from the training replied, “I know now that I have a choice and a say when making decisions, and my voice matters”. For most, these few days were more than just a training, they were an opportunity to be informed and to be given a platform to be heard and to have their opinions validated. In the coming weeks all those who attended the training will present what they have learned to the community, in turn teaching the community the same crucial skills they are now equipped with. Overall it was a productive and incredibly successful week of training!

I would like to thank all of our dedicated staff for facilitating this training and for educating and inspiring our youth to live a healthy and quality life.