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Meeting My Sister Friend in Korah - Guest Post by Sarah Apperloo

Recently I went on a trip to Ethiopia. This was a wonderful experience filled with many wonderful memories. The highlight was meeting my Sister Friend, Laway!  About three years ago our church started the Brother Sister Friend program. At first I was wondering if this was something I would be interested in or if someone across the world would even be willing to talk with me. After thinking about this for a whole year, I decided to give it a shot. I wrote a letter to a girl in Ethiopia. As Eve left to Ethiopia so did my letter… going across the world to just another girl.  Soon enough I received a letter back. I was so excited! Not only did I have a new friend, I had someone who - yes, may live far away, but she was someone I could talk to, pray for and be friends with. You might wonder how someone could be friends when living so far  

Exciting Updates & Changes - Stories of Hope - HFK NEWS Summer 2015

HFK NEWS - Summer 2015 Click BELOW  Exciting Updates & Changes - Stories of Hope!