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A Day at the Beach... with Juddah

If you have not read Cherrie Cornish’s new blog post and update on Baby Juddah you must check it out! Juddah is doing better and seems to be adjusting well to the new shunt they have put in.   He still has a long road ahead of him, so please keep praying. Cherrie has more details on her blog and of course more adorable photos of this precious little guy!  As you can see, we too have a few of our own, as it was so wonderful to see Juddah again during our recent trip to Oregon (see earlier post on Sammy’s visit).   When seeing Juddah, one would never guess what an incredible struggle and journey he has already been on in his short little life.   His gentle spirit has

Sammy’s First Public Speaking Engagement in America

                                                                                                                      Post written by Dave Pohl T his past Sunday, we took a road trip south to Salem, Oregon to be with Sammy Liben as he gave his first public testimony in America.   Cherrie and Rick Cornish organized a “Welcome to the USA party!” inviting friends, family and anyone else who was interested in hearing the story of Korah. The Cornish home was filled with people and it was a great welcome for Sammy.   There were people of all ages, some who have been to Korah and many who had not.    Numerous adoptive families were in attendance and it was wonderful to see so many beautiful faces from around the world!    

NEW! Hope for Korah/Great Hope Ministries Video

"Working Together for Hope" For More Hope for Korah videos check out our YouTube Channel on the Hope for Korah Website


IT IS OFFICIAL!     Hope for Korah is now part of a registered charitable organization in BOTH  Canada and the United States!     International Disciple Training Canada Ministry (Canada) and International Disciple Training Ministry (United States) have both registered Hope for Korah as part of their official ministry.  Check out all the details for Canadian and U.S. donors under Donate Today on our WEBSITE! YES! HOPE FOR KORAH Has launched a NEW WEBSITE! We are still building, with lots more to come… Please check us out!! WWW.HOPEFORKORAH.COM "Working together for Hope" Loosening the chains of injustice and poverty in Korah, Ethiopia and bringing hope to those who live there. Isaiah 58:6-7

What is Poverty? Answered by one who has experienced it - Sammy Liben

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  What is poverty? Before you read on, pause a moment…. How would you define it? For many of us in the West who have never experienced poverty, we may have a similar ‘lack of resources’ component to our definition and it might go something like this; “ Poverty is a state of being, where one has little resources, money or ability to meet one's basic needs.” In preparing our upcoming Hope for Korah missions team for what they may experience when serving in Korah this August, we thought it would be good to ask Sammy Liben for his thoughts on this question.  We knew he would have a unique perspective as he has experienced extreme poverty first hand.  He grew up at the garbage dump and all of his life he has struggled to survive alongside many other destitute people living in Korah. A few days later, Sammy emailed back his response.   His answer is compelling… it is why we do what we do and it is why we go back to Korah.  We have so much  

GUESS WHO is landing on North American soil TODAY?

Sammy Liben!!!  If you have ever been to Korah or read about what God is doing there, you will likely have heard of  Sammy Liben and the dedicated ‘Men of Korah’ who lead Great Hope Ministries.  As young boys, they grew up at the trash dump in Korah and for many years, while still living in poverty themselves, they have been reaching out to their community with the compassion and love of Christ.  During this time they have been faithfully praying together each week, that their people would not be forgotten and that God would intervene on behalf of Korah.  God is answering their prayers! Over the last year and a half, He has brought many people into Korah to minister to this community.  BUT NOW God is bringing Sammy in person to North America to share his story and minister to us!  We have much to learn from Sammy and those living in Korah… stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – What is Poverty?  This is written by Sammy himself and you will be touched by how he answers this question.  If