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My bags are packed and I am ready to GO… I mean - UNPACK!

I began this post last week before leaving Canada, and no matter how I tried the blog would not let me post it, technical difficulties… So, here it is, the NEW and REVISED VERSION. After many full days of crossing off lists, packing, unpacking, rearranging and repacking I can actually say I am ready to go!!  Well… THAT WAS MONDAY. I began with 3 hockey bags full and ended up with 5 bags – almost 400 lbs of donations and mail!! Talk about mail! One and one half bags are full of Brother Sister Friend letters and special notes from 'kids to kids'. It is such a privilege to be able to bring these precious notes and many supplies to the children and families of Korah. FAST FORWARD TO FRIDAY: When arriving in Korah, I was welcomed by many whom I love and cherish. It is so good to be here and it was a joyous homecoming indeed! To read more and see pictures, please go to the Hope for Korah Facebook page . All of those heavy, hockey bags are now being unpacked, organized & sorte

Precious Little Abraham - Prayer Warriors Needed!!

I would like you to meet Abraham.   He is a precious 2 year old little boy who lives in Korah and is also living with a dangerous heart condition.  Besides this, Abraham has Down Syndrome, which brings numerous other conditions and risks that impact him on a daily basis.  Fortunately, his family is being sponsored through Hope for Korah and over these past few months, with God’s leading and the help of his amazing sponsor, P61 nurses Emily and Kayla, numbers of Great Hope Leaders and his beautiful and courageous mother, he has been daily & weekly, going back and forth between many hospitals, appointments and numerous testing to ascertain what his future may hold.  Without God’s intervention, it does not look good.   ABRAHAM NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS!!   The crucial heart surgery Abraham needs is not available to such a young child in Ethiopia.  A viable option is to bring Abraham, and if possible his mother, to the U.S. on a short-term medical visa to have both the surgery and