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SPONSORS NEEDED!! Would you like to help bring dignity, education, community and hope into someone’s life? Here is an opportunity for you to “Stand with Korah” through becoming a sponsor to one of these families or children who are currently awaiting sponsorship. To learn more about the ways you can come alongside one of these families or children, please contact Jacqueline Strating at FAMILY SPONSORSHIP We currently have two families waiting to be sponsored. Each of these are young single mothers with two children. In both cases when we first met them, extreme poverty had forced these mothers to sleep out on the street with their children when they had nowhere else to stay. In the face of daily hardship, these young mothers worked tirelessly to provide their children with just 1-2 meals per day. For one of these mothers who has never had


Hope for Korah  Invites you to join us and Stand with Korah Each person in Korah has a story – most are of survival and perseverance in the midst of crushing and heartbreaking circumstances. Korah is also full of beautiful people; each one is important and has hidden within themselves the potential to change their world. Their issues are complex and the pain of poverty is far reaching. What they need is.....HOPE. What does Hope look like? I’d like you to meet Wahle. The photos above and below will give you a brief glimpse of her story; one life out of the many who have been transformed and changed through those who have Stood with Korah. This past year Hope for Korah (HFK) saw many positive changes; we were able to feed more children at the Berta Breakfast compound, and were able to enrich the lives of youth with girls and boys soccer, small group bible studies, mentoring, and a new youth activity center. We added a youth social worker to help inspire our kids to w

Happy World Literacy Day - HFK has something BIG to Celebrate! - Guestpost by Mark Brandsma

HAPPY WORLD LITERACY DAY!  DId you know that 775 million adults (15 years and older)  still cannot read or write - two thirds of them  (497 million) are women?  Taken from UNESCO (United Nations) Institute for Statistics HFK's First Graduating Class - Level One Literacy Training Today, September 8 th is World Literacy Day and we have something BIG to celebrate!   Hope for Korah's very first graduating class of adult women from Level One Literacy Training in Amharic reading and writing!!   Last Thursday was Graduation Day and the air was filled with enthusiasm and hope. Our twenty-four Hope for Korah graduates walked around proudly with certificates in their hands and a sense of accomplishment written all over their faces. What a joy it is to see these women empowered in such a simple yet profound way! Congratulations Hariguah, Tigist and Rahema  for placing in the top three of your class!   In February 2015, Hope for Korah (HFK) bega

Meeting My Sister Friend in Korah - Guest Post by Sarah Apperloo

Recently I went on a trip to Ethiopia. This was a wonderful experience filled with many wonderful memories. The highlight was meeting my Sister Friend, Laway!  About three years ago our church started the Brother Sister Friend program. At first I was wondering if this was something I would be interested in or if someone across the world would even be willing to talk with me. After thinking about this for a whole year, I decided to give it a shot. I wrote a letter to a girl in Ethiopia. As Eve left to Ethiopia so did my letter… going across the world to just another girl.  Soon enough I received a letter back. I was so excited! Not only did I have a new friend, I had someone who - yes, may live far away, but she was someone I could talk to, pray for and be friends with. You might wonder how someone could be friends when living so far  

Exciting Updates & Changes - Stories of Hope - HFK NEWS Summer 2015

HFK NEWS - Summer 2015 Click BELOW  Exciting Updates & Changes - Stories of Hope!

"Women's Health Education Day" - Guest post by Jacqueline Strating

In Korah, there is a distinct kind of strength and resilience that you notice in the women; it is written on their faces and told through their stories of hardship, perseverance and triumph. These women have so much to offer this world - from their deep compassion for one another and for their families, to their genuine warmth, gift for hospitality and love for others. These very women are nurturing and building up the next generation, and it became our vision to further equip these women with some basic education and practical skills to help them and their children remain healthy, strong & able to better meet some of the challenges they face. With the help of our wonderful HFK Ethiopian social workers and nurses, along with our two team nurses and two social workers from Canada and one enthusiastic youth, we worked together to put on a second "Women's Health Education Day". Our aim for this day was to provide pertinent health information to the women

Jake is Moving to Ethiopia!

We are excited to announce that mid-July JAKE BONER will be MOVING TO ETHIOPIA for five months to serve with HFK!! We eagerly anticipate great things from  Jake.... Over the past 3 years when it comes to serving the people of Korah, Jake has been “ALL IN!” He has travelled to Ethiopia numerous times to serve on short-term missions. He is absolutely committed to Korah and we are more than pleased for Jake to serve with HFK on a long-term basis. While in Ethiopia, Jake’s primary role will be helping to further develop our Youth Programs which serve the elementary to young adult age groups. This has been an

In Loving Memory of Berhanu - My Prayer Warrior, My Friend

There are those few people in life that you will never forget.  Those who touch your heart and leave you forever changed.  For me, Berhanu Bishaw was one of those people  and it is with great sadness that I received the news this week of his passing.  He will be dearly missed.  He was my prayer warrior, my friend… and his gift to me humbled me and encouraged me. On those days when I struggled, or things in my own life  seemed hard, I always knew on the other side of the world, Berhanu was praying for me. Over the years I never once saw Berhanu in the streets of Korah…  due to his diminished health and vision he was always limited to the area in front of or inside of his one-room mud hut.  During our many home visits together he would always share his thoughts and opinions in such a way as to bring much laughter and many smiles to others.   Even through his cataracts, you could see a mischievous twinkle in his eye.   He was a real

Honour Your Mom in our Album this Mother's Day

Honour Your Mom this Mother’s Day and let her know she is the motivation that inspires you to give!   And here is how….


Soccer is BIG in Ethiopia… and most kids in Korah LOVE to play!!  Whenever we assess a family and ask a mother what their son or daughter enjoys doing, they most always answer "Kwas" - Ball - Soccer!!  Few children in Korah own a soccer ball and there is little to no opportunity to play on an organized team, but they all identify with soccer and dream of playing.   In response to this need and this passion, De Jellum, one of our HFK team members living on the ground there began a soccer  ministry to boys living in Korah.  Over this last year he and other leaders from the Korah community, along with his wife Katie and co-workers Mark & Tammy Brandsma, have been developing this program even further and around 6 months ago his vision was expanded to  include the girls!  Just this morning I received a poignant update from Tammy regarding this week's soccer practice: " Soccer has been a great way for us to build community a midst the pre-teen/ teens in our pro