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Do Justice, Love Fearlessly

This was the name of the conference we participated in this weekend.  What an encouragement to be challenged to stand up for justice, to come alongside others, to love without fear and in such perfect timing…. Only 16 days until we are on our way back to Ethiopia. We are very excited! At the seminar, Dr. Kurt Ver Beek from the Association For a More Just Society shared “Grace is like water, it flows down and pools in the lowest places.” …the neediest places. When walking through the broken streets of Korah, I truly had a sense of this being true…. 

Meeting Some of the Needs in Korah

Today’s post focuses on some of the needs we hope to support  while we are in Korah this April. Included are TWO SPECIFIC FAMILIES whose lives we hope to touch, followed by the BROADER COMMUNITY NEEDS of those whom Great Hope Church ministers to.