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Little Abraham needs URGENT PRAYER!!

PRAYER WARRIORS NEEDED!! Perhaps you remember earlier posts and prayer requests for little Abraham. Again, he is in need of urgent prayer!! Abraham just been diagnosed with TB and is very lethargic, coughing and sleeping a lot. TB is no t a good situation for anyone but it is even more serious in Abraham's case because of his existing medical condition. He has Down Syndrome with multiple health issues including heart complications – please see link below for earlier post. Please pray! WE NEED A MIRACLE for this little boy! Please pray for complete healing and for strength and hope for Yangoosey, his mother who loves her son deeply. It has been such a difficult struggle for her to watch him be sick so often… THANK YOU for PRAYING!!!! To read earlier Post: Precious Little Abraham - Prayer Warriors Needed!!

Stand With Korah - Income Generation provides a Hope and a Future

Supporting Income Generation is one way we ‘Stand With Korah’ – giving destitute men and women the opportunities to leave their life of begging and/or surviving off the garbage dump and instead learning new skills so that they may become self-reliant, providing for their own families. Income generation offers hope and a future. 

Stand with Korah - Alayu's Story

  I’d like you to meet Alayu. This small excerpt will give you a glimpse of what it is like to live in Korah and why we are so committed to serving those who live there. Recently I had a very sobering visit with Himanot, a widow and mother of three, who has spent the last 13 years trying to provide for her children by scavenging off the city garbage dump in Korah. She is now, also caring for her 12 year old nephew Alayu who is HIV positive and whose mother recently died, leaving him an orphan. Because of his life

An Invitation to STAND WITH KORAH for 2014

     Two thousand thirteen has been a good year in Korah… and a hard year in Korah.  We have witnessed the harsh realities of extreme poverty. The deep pain and bondage it brings to families - hunger, sickness, separation, uncertainty and fear.  We have also experienced the huge difference that HOPE brings - health, security, self-worth, confidence, anticipation for the future and joy.  Together with the help of many Hope for Korah has had the opportunity to come alongside those who are living in these realities: the widows, orphans, families and lepers of Korah. We do so by partnering with Ethiopian nationals ‘Kore Great Hope Charities’ because we believe they know their community best.  Together we are empowering the poor by developing programs such as the Family Sponsorship Program - a holistic approach to breaking the cycle of poverty for the entire family, Income Generation Program - building skills that lead to self-reliance, Berta Breakfast Feeding Program - Crisi