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HFK Team back in Korah

A few days ago I arrived in Addis. It was so great to be welcomed back by so many beautiful smiles, dear families and friends - and an Ethiopian coffee ceremony!  We have a small HFK team this trip - Jake and myself (Eve) - and as always, we are working alongside Kore Great Hope Charities (KGHC) who does all the work on the ground in Korah.  I do have a special prayer request  during this trip- Please pray that God would provide a new & suitable Income Generation compound for this program - we love our current one, but the owner is moving back into it, in a few weeks. Finding suitable compounds can be challenging - but I am sure God has one in mind... we just have to find it! Thank you for all your prayers! I have already posted photos of our new day care, families and children on our Facebook page.  Please check it out for further updates during this trip.

“Women’s Health Issues Educational Day” Guest post by Megan Huizing R.N.

A number of weeks before our HFK mission’s trip to Ethiopia, four of us; two nurses and two social workers put our heads together to come up with ways in which to bless the beautiful women of the Korah community.  These women are incredibly hard working, strong and beautiful.  Our focus would be on how we could bless and equip them on this one special day. 


One of the highlights and “fun moments” during the Young Adults Mission’s Trip to Korah a few months ago, was a highly anticipated soccer game.  The week leading up to “Game Day” was full of intensity as, the Ethiopian Leaders and Young Adult team worked tirelessly together with the HFK families and children, making home visits, presenting the Women’s Health Issues Educational Day, organizing the Brother Sister Friend Program, purchasing at the Mercado for the Income Generation program and more.  All week the good-natured predictions of victory, the teasing and rivalry grew, building up to what was sure to be an unforgettable soccer match between ETHIOPIA AND CANADA. Fortunately for TEAM CANADA, they inherited an excellent young Ethiopian soccer star named Nagoose and his fellow countryman Habtamu.  To offset this advantage, another young soccer talent named Ben, from the U.S. was added to TEAM ETHIOPIA.   So, with the rosters set for both teams, TEAM ETHIOPIA arrived wearing th