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Injera 101 - How to Make Injera

Gioia with Dekenesh, Jegioh & Byush One of my favorite things to do when I’m in Korah, is to spend time with the ladies who work behind the scenes at the Children’s Shelter, cooking for the many children and elderly lepers who come to eat there.                     These women have so much spunk and they are a lot of fun! We have shared much laughter, as we try to communicate with lots of hand gestures and a few broken English and Amharic words – big smiles and warm hugs Whenever I am in the vicinity, they often motion for me to come into their kitchen area to sit with them.  They love to teach me about their language and culture and I love learning.  One of our memorable times together is when they taught me how to make injera. 

Part 2: For the Love of Soccer - "I am IMPORTANT TOO!"

To read this post in context and to understand the full impact  of this spontaneous mud-filled match, I would suggest you first read  Part 1: For the Love of Soccer – “I am important and I belong!” After walking 30 - 45 min in the hot sun, over 200 children showed up in a makeshift soccer field to attend a soccer camp led by Dustin, Nick, Anina and the Great Hope Charities leaders. Many children stood for hours waiting,  watching and hoping to play. W ith so many children ,  not everyone was given the opportunity.  It was a bittersweet day for all of us - be sure to read Part One and then enjoy Part Two below... The heart-rending sight of watching these children turn around and begin the long trek back to the slum and heart of Korah, without having had a chance to play soccer or receive a jersey was fresh in our minds.  The following afternoon some of us were standing around in an empty and muddy cou rtyard across the street from the Children’s Shelter.  Earl