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"Women's Health Education Day" - Guest post by Jacqueline Strating

In Korah, there is a distinct kind of strength and resilience that you notice in the women; it is written on their faces and told through their stories of hardship, perseverance and triumph. These women have so much to offer this world - from their deep compassion for one another and for their families, to their genuine warmth, gift for hospitality and love for others. These very women are nurturing and building up the next generation, and it became our vision to further equip these women with some basic education and practical skills to help them and their children remain healthy, strong & able to better meet some of the challenges they face. With the help of our wonderful HFK Ethiopian social workers and nurses, along with our two team nurses and two social workers from Canada and one enthusiastic youth, we worked together to put on a second "Women's Health Education Day". Our aim for this day was to provide pertinent health information to the women

Jake is Moving to Ethiopia!

We are excited to announce that mid-July JAKE BONER will be MOVING TO ETHIOPIA for five months to serve with HFK!! We eagerly anticipate great things from  Jake.... Over the past 3 years when it comes to serving the people of Korah, Jake has been “ALL IN!” He has travelled to Ethiopia numerous times to serve on short-term missions. He is absolutely committed to Korah and we are more than pleased for Jake to serve with HFK on a long-term basis. While in Ethiopia, Jake’s primary role will be helping to further develop our Youth Programs which serve the elementary to young adult age groups. This has been an