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Health Protection for Korah's Garbage Collectors

Can you help us protect the garbage collectors in Korah? HFK is partnering with the local government to provide health safety equipment (120 masks, 120 pairs of shoes & 120 gloves) for 60 local garbage collectors. Mostly, this job is manual and done by women, as can be seen from these pictures which were taken this morning. This a city job (not at the trash dump) and a permanent source of income with benefits. Numbers of our own HFK women wake up early every morning to begin cleaning the streets of Korah. Given our mission to support safe, gainful employment as a means of alleviating poverty, we could not refuse this one-time request from the local Dry Waste Management office. Collecting garbage in a slum bordering a capital city trash dump carries its own inherent risks, including exposure to toxins and rodents to name a few. Would you consider partnering with us in reducing the vulnerability of these workers? Our goal is $1000 and your gifts will support the admirable effo

80+ Youth Attend Life Skills Training

Field Update - By Jake Boner Today we wrapped up an excellent four-day Life Skills Training course for youth, facilitated by our Hope for Korah staff. Every day was geared towards helping young people expand their understanding of essential life skills including critical and creative thinking, decision-making, effective communication, sex education, skills for navigating through pressures, relationships and developing self-confidence. We had the great pleasure of seeing over 80 young people actively participate and attend this course. This type of training is crucial, especially for young people living in Korah. Children in Korah are often subject to a variety of harsh and difficult life circumstances which dramatically impacts the course of their lives. It was amazing to witness our young people have the opportunity to speak freely about their concerns and opinions on a wide range of social issues. Everyone was involved in healthy, open discussions which left each per