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Sometimes my gut does somersaults and my heart sinks as I meet some of the most desperate people... This time it is three orphaned children ages 15, 10 and 8.   T hese children need immediate support!! Three weeks ago, two brothers and their younger sister were brought to me and our staff at our First Aid Clinic in Korah.   Two women whom we had never met appeared at the gate, telling the children’s story; that their mother had suffered from a terrible illness and she had died in early December.   Since then, t he women professed to have been caring for the children and were seeking support and sponsorship so they could continue to care...  But the truth be told, after further investigation and completing a full assessment at the women’s residence, we discovered this wasn’t the case.      The children’s loss of their mother was tragically true, but they had also become targets to be exploited, a way for these ladies to try and rent out a dilapidated barn and earn extra fu