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Baby Juddah Needs Prayer - Surgery #3 Tomorrow!

Please be praying for Baby Juddah!! He will be having his third surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. EST. The spinal fluid continues to collect between  his skull and skin and now he must have a shunt inserted to drain the fluid.  For more details please read Cherrie's recent posts at Prayer Warriors are needed! 

The Korah Trash Dump - thoughts & reflections

As I sit down to write this post I think back to what I saw that day at the trash dump and I wonder how I can adequately put it into words. As I left the van and walked up the mounds of dirt and garbage that had formed hill after hill, I had to be careful not to slip.  Broken glass was everywhere and my feet sank slightly into the many layers of dried grass, dirt and years of disposed waste… who knows what was hidden underneath.