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In Honour of Mzreshe - Who Will Be Missed

It is with deep sadness that we share with you,  the passing of one of our dear HFK family members,  Mzreshe Zwede age 45.    Mzreshe was the matriarch of one of our first sponsored families  and was the mother of six and grandmother to seven.  She will be missed by many and especially by her 4 grandchildren  who loved her deeply and depended on her for their daily needs and care.   Mzreshe's feisty spirit, strength and determination

This Mama & Her Twin Babies are Desperate - They Live at the Trash Dump!! Can You Help Us Find Them a Sponsor?

Last month when I was in Korah, in an obscure moment I briefly met Fantanesh and her twin 18 month old daughters.  It was one of those moments in Korah that sticks with me, one that covers me with a heaviness and leaves me with feelings of inadequacy and of being overwhelmed.    Having just left another desperate situation of someone living in a home made of garbage with young children, it was hard to be greeted by so many others with equally compelling stories.  In the small crowd that gathered around I couldn't help feeling overcome when meeting Fantanesh barefoot, standing in the

Rahema's Family Needs A Sponsor - Can you help?

Rahema lives with her family in one small room in an empty building that is under construction. Her mother Meskerem has numerous health issues requiring regular medical care and follow up.  Her father  Tesfaye is a temporary guard and is committed to his family.  Their life is hard and they are in need of a new sponsor so they can remain in the family sponsorship program. The whole family has suffered due to