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Our First Days Back in Korah - By Gioia Morris

So TIA (this is Africa)... How do I sum up our first few days in Korah - How can I adequately describe to you what these days have been like...?  I don't know that I can, but I will try to give you a glimpse: Walking through the streets of Korah is not something I can easily describe to  you - the paths are muddy and littered with unidentifiable "things".  It's been very wet since it's the rainy season and homes get flooded regularly. We've visited some of the homes of families that have been sponsored through our Hope for Korah family sponsorship program and the difference we see in these families is remarkable. Hope has returned to their faces and their eyes light up as they greet us and welcome us into their homes. I was introduced to one particular family (not sponsored) whose members are living in destitute conditions and you can't help but have your heart broken by their stories: This family lives in a 'dark hole' - with no windows- mu


Little did I know sixteen months ago, when I first entered a Korah home that the prompting in my heart to come alongside the destitute woman that stood before me, would be the beginning of a journey that I could never have imagined.   As some of you know since that first meeting (read earlier post: Beylanesh - A family Sponsorship Story) , not only have both of our lives been changed, but Hope for Korah (HKF) itself has come into existence and we have been working with Great Hope Ministries in Korah and have just this week launched the Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship program! This has been an amazing journey as one door has seemed to open unto another and I am thrilled to say that out of our thirteen families – we only have four more that need sponsors!  I am leaving for Korah next week on Thursday… WOULDN'T IT BE AWESOME IF I COULD BRING EVERY FAMILY THE GOOD NEWS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN SPONSORED?  If you think you might be interested in joining us to come alongside one of these

Korah Families need your support! Together WE CAN make a difference!

We are so pleased to finally announce that the Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship Program is launched!   The purpose of this program is to take action towards breaking the cycle of extreme poverty for families living in Korah. Sponsorship will provide them an opportunity to move out of this critical state through better living conditions, food, healthcare, education and relationship. The goal is that over time, families will become involved with income generation and community development projects which promote self-empowerment, giving back to their community and will lead to healthy, stable and self-sustainable families. Below we would like you to meet Masrash.  She is one of a number of families who still need a sponsor.   If you would like more information on how you can come alongside her or another Korah family, giving them an opportunity for a hope and a future please contact Eve at       Masrash Masrash   moved to Korah as a little girl.   She has been