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"Loving the Least of These" - The Elderly Lepers' Home

We are very excited about this NEW program- and are hoping you may join us to serve and  "Love the Least of These" The Reality of Those Living With Leprosy: For anyone who has ever visited Korah and sat with the Great Hope Charity (GHC) leaders over the lunch hour as they hand feed the elderly lepers, they cannot help but be touched by the leaders' expression of love and humility.  Unable to feed themselves due to their debilitating disease, these lepers walk with their crutches and prosthetics, poor vision and twisted limbs quite a distance over rock and rubble for their only meal of the day.  They have been persecuted and are now alone, without family or the ability to support themselves.  The moment becomes even more poignant when visitors themselves begin to interact with these gentlemen, whom the leaders affectionately refer to as the "Elders".  Whether through conversation, a smile, a helping hand or a hug, spending time with thes