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Leaving for Ethiopia in a few hours!

My bags are packed and I am ready to go.... leaving for Ethiopia in a few hours - 5 am start time!  Thank you to so many who have been praying for us as we are preparing for this trip and for supporting Hope for Korah and the bed initiative!!   Please continue to keep us in your prayers over these next few weeks.  I am excited to see how everything unfolds and if you would like to keep updated we will be posting on the Hope for Korah Facebook Page  .  When in Ethiopia, I find our Facebook page much easier to post on (vs. this blog), so that is where you will find our updates for the next few weeks! Ciaow!!  P.S. - You DO NOT need to have Facebook to access the link above - but if you do... be sure to LIKE us!   Ameseganalew! (thank you in Amharic)

MUST READ - Answered Prayers! Above & Beyond what we can imagine or think!!

Sometimes when we pray, God’s answer is to wait a while longer.  Other times His answer is immediate and is more than what we ask for…today is one of those days!!  Overnight - God has provided more than what I had hoped to dream for – at this time we are able to purchase over 60 BEDS and climbing!!! When I left that compound in February, my heart was broken the need was so great – much bigger than me!!  As I prayed, all I could think of was how can we provide some dignity and hope to these precious people. Couldn't we at least provide some beds? When speaking with the leaders of Great Hope Charities we came up with a number for that compound - 30 to 40 beds. But obviously God had different plans – greater plans!  Of course that shouldn’t surprise me. He sees much more than those living in the compound that I wrote about… where ever one turns in Korah, the need is overwhelming and I believe His heart breaks for each person living there. I believe His plans for His people in Kor

We're Over Half Way There with the Beds!!

Only 5 days until I am heading back to Korah and WE ARE OVER HALF WAY IN MEETING OUR GOAL of purchasing beds for those living in the destitute compound that I wrote about in my last post!  This is so exciting!  THANK YOU to everyone who is coming together for these people.   In anticipation, I have already asked Great Hope Charities to order 10 sets of bunk beds!  If you did not have a chance to read my earlier post on the horrible conditions of the beds in Korah – please read and share:  BEDS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED - PLEASE CONSIDER BRINGING DIGNITY & A MEASURE OF COMFORT TO SOMEONE IN KORAH We are still hoping that we will actually be able to purchase all 30 – 40 beds while we are in Addis.  TOGETHER we are making a difference! We might not be able to change the world – BUT WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THOSE LIVING IN THAT COMPOUND!  You can learn more about Adana and some of the other elderly lepers who live in Korah by reading some of these earlier HFK posts:   


When walking the streets of Korah, one never knows whether the next moment will be one of joy or one of sadness. This was a moment of sadness… Entering into a crowded compound in an area of Korah that I had never been before was beyond words - but I will try…. We stooped between the makeshift homes, the path was rocky, bumpy and I had to duck on a number of occasions, to miss being sliced in the face by a protruding tin roof. The homes were built on such rough terrain and the alleys so narrow and on an angle, I wondered how in the world Adana, crippled by leprosy and reliant on crutches could possibly make it through this maze of obstacles. For the last few days he had been too sick to make the daily trek to the shelter for lunch and he was thrilled to see us! Immediately he began  praising God;  singing a few lines, meekly dancing his familiar jig  and saying "The Follow Jesus People are coming - To my home! To visit ME!" and he slowly led us to his humble home…