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Two Families Need Sponsors!

I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET YESEWLKE   Two years ago, she unexpectedly became a widow  when her husband died in a tragic accident. Yesewlke’s family suffers from extreme poverty as she and her 5 children ages 15, 11, 10, 8 and 3 sleep on the dirt floor of a sparse, dilapidated Korah hut. Daily she goes into Addis begging and makes about 3 – 5 etb (17 – 28 cents). Yesewlke saves this money for the $12 monthly rent which is needed to keep the tiny, one room hovel that she lives in. This leaves no money for the feeding of her children, let alone herself. She is a skinny lady, with no shoes and dressed in rags. Yesewlke scrounges and begs for their daily bread. This mother and these children desperately need a sponsor. If you think you might like to bring HOPE to this family, please read below for more information. You can change their lives!   I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET MAHARI, a single father  who is raising three beautiful daughter

Brother Sister Friend Mail Delivered – Over 350 kids!!

How much fun to be able to deliver mail from one side of the world to the other!! And how much more fun when you are delivering it from one child to another!! It was such a blessing to have this opportunity and it required many hours of work by many people, not only behind the scenes in Canada, but at the scene in both Korah and the Sheshemene Boarding School. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN ETHIOPIA, CANADA AND THE U.S. WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!! Eden is thrilled to be matched with her NEW Sister Friend Addison Below you will see some of the photographs showing the Brother Sister Friend (BSF) party we had in Korah.  It was wild and crazy!  Over 240 children attended and I am so thankful for EVERY leader and helper that came to the party to help out… we could not have done it without you!!  There were goodie bags and letters to deliver, to translate from English to Amharic, to write from Amharic to English, NEW Brother Sister Friend cards to fill out, songs to sing, cookies and