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Brother & Sister Friend Program is a BIG HIT in Korah!

Inspired by Avareigh an 8 year old girl, who wanted to make a difference in Korah the Brother & Sister Friend Program - Globally Connecting God’s Young People has become a big hit!  Through this program young people are matched with a prayer partner/pen-pal of a similar age and gender from the other side of the globe.  During my last few trips to Korah, I have had the privilege of delivering this mail back and forth.  It has been touching to see how so many are taking this seriously and praying daily for their Brother or Sister Friend on the other side of the world. Avareigh is praying too and she is hoping that these friendships will make a difference in the lives of young people both in Korah and in North America.  At this time we have over 100 Korah young people who have filled out cards, sharing about themselves and hoping to be matched with a Brother or Sister Friend in Canada or the U.S.  Watch this short video to learn more about the program and feel the excitement an

El Roi - Korah Connections

Over the last 21 months I have seen many Korah connections and relationships develop - not only personally, but between many people; some who have stepped foot into Korah and others who have not.  One of the joys of my last trip was to be the ‘special delivery’ person for over 130 people!   Isn’t that amazing? Over 130 people, of all ages, were sent personal greetings or gifts by name in my 4 over-stuffed hockey bags!   I can’t help but marvel at this and wonder “How in the world did this happen?”  Just two years ago, most of us (if not all of us)  had never heard of Korah, let alone thought about having a personal relationship with someone who lived in an urban slum, situated on the edge of a garbage dump in Africa.  “How could it be? We live thousands of miles away, in a completely different world and now - we not only know of Korah, but many of us call these people Friend, Family – Brother and Sister?” It is incredible really… and I believe there is only one answer – El R