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Juddah's on the Front Page of Newspaper!!

To read the full newspaper article click here. Cherrie Cornish Update:  Juddah is still in the hospital, fever is under control, finally keeping food down and he gets his stitches out today. For more post surgery photos and updates from Cherrie go to Let's continue to keep praying!  

Juddah Update: Please keep praying!!

A recent update from Emily Cornish: Juddah has been running a fever since surgery. The doctor is supposed to see him soon. He has been restless and needs to be held all the time so please continue to pray. The surgery went well, but they will not know if it was successful or if Juddah will require a shunt, until time enough time has passed.  Thanks everyone ...we'll keep you updated. For earlier post, read:   Urgent: Baby Juddah needs Prayer! Surgery this Friday!!

URGENT - Baby Juddah needs prayer! Surgery this Friday!!

PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR BABY JUDDAH!! The time has finally come for him to have his surgery!  This Friday at 5:30 a.m. EST he will be admitted to the hospital to have surgery for his Endoscopic Third Verntriculostomy.  If you are new to his story, Juddah was born in Korah 7 months ago and he has been in the U.S. on an emergency medical visa, waiting surgery for hydrocephalus.   This surgery is the first step to try and drain the fluid and if successful, Juddah will not need a shunt. Cherrie Cornish who is caring for this precious little one, has asked us to pray specifically for the surgeon to be able to see the landmarks in Juddah's brain clearly, so they guide the scope in the exact place it needs to be.  It is a tricky area that she will be working in and it is located right next to a main artery, which needs to remain untouched.   For more details on Juddah and his upcoming surgery, go to 'Juddah's blog' and read Surgery Day is Here! PRAYER WARRIORS NEEDED!! To re

GEMS Girls Caring & Connecting with Korah Girls

A number of years ago, a group of girls from our New Life GEMS Girls Club in my church, began learning about poverty and the impact it has on Ethiopia.  Wanting to make a difference they began to reach out to this country in a concrete way which eventually led to them learning about Korah.   Last month I had the privilege of witnessing the joy and excitement on the faces of the Korah girls who are living in Sheshemene, when their lives were unexpectedly touched  by the GEMS girls here in Abbotsford, BC.  Watching this connection take place was very precious and I think you will enjoy this 4 min. video below.   If you would like to enlarge it or watch it in HD,  you can also view it here.   To read more posts about the Korah children at Sheshemene read Do you know any mothers who are caring for 250 children? I do!

Be the Change: Save a Life!

Have you ever had something seemingly insignificant happen… only to find out later it was very significant – even life changing? That is what happened to my husband Dave, a few months ago while casually watching an ABC News Documentary "Be the Change: Save a Life."  In this program they spoke of 'Plumpy Dose' a product used to feed malnourished children in third world countries.  As Dave was reflecting on this, he thought how awesome it would be to get such a product into Korah as most children there are underweight and their families malnourished.  It is common for these children to faint in school because they have not eaten and participating in class with empty bellies is too much for their fragile bodies. Most families in Korah eat once a day and the quality of food is extremely poor, often scavenged from the city garbage dump.  With this in mind and after a little research, Dave was pretty surprised to find out that there was actually a factory producing Pl