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Wishing you Hope and Joy this Christmas!

  During this Christmas Season, we thought you would enjoy seeing the "Hope and Joy" God is bringing to Korah. Receive these same gifts, as you watch children from the slums of Korah have their first experience at a real playground with real grass, swings and slides – or another child who waited 17 years for his first day of school – or the elderly lepers who have moved out of darkness into light - and the blessing for each of us, is that God allows all of us to be a part of it! We would also like to thank everyone who has recently joined us to STAND WITH KORAH! To date, just over $10,000 has been raised, which is a good start to what is needed for the upcoming ministry year and we look forward to seeing God’s plans continue to unfold.   "Together, WE ARE making a difference" Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas, HOPE and JOY HAVE come!! Please click the link below to view video: "Hope  and Joy" May God Bless You and Your Loved On

Changing Lives, Empowering Families - STAND WITH KORAH

Changing Lives, Empowering Families! When I think of these words, I think of Serkalem. The contrast of her life today compared to when I first met her is nothing short of unbelievable. She is truly an example of someone whose spirit was trapped in the unrelenting grip of poverty and whose life has been dramatically transformed because someone else decided to... STAND WITH KORAH As you will see in Serkalem's Story below -    Together, we can make a difference... November is Hope for Korah's fundraising month & we are asking  you to join us as we care for the destitute - the elderly lepers, widows, children & families of Korah. In preparing for 2013, our goal is $75,000.   Any gift great or small will help loosen the yoke of poverty in Korah.   Please read recent post   STAND WITH KORAH. Serkalem's Story I will always remember the day I met Serkalem. She was lying, deathly sick in bed, hardly able to move with a fussing baby latching lethargi

A Few of the Ways We Are "Working Together for Hope"

We invite you to join us , STAND WITH KORAH   Together, we can make a difference... November is Hope for Korah's fundraising month and we are asking  you to join us as we care for the destitute - the elderly lepers, widows, children and families of Korah. In preparing for the upcoming year, our goal is $75,000.   Any gift great or small will help loosen the yoke of poverty in Korah.   Please read our recent post and  click on  STAND WITH KORAH. Here are just a few of the ways we are "Working Together for Hope" Family Sponsorship Keeping families healthy and keeping families together! Together, through monthly sponsorship we are able to take action towards breaking the cycle of extreme poverty for families living in Korah. Sponsorship provides an opportunity for families to move out of this critical state through better living conditions, food, healthcare, education, community meetings, bible study and relationship. The goal is fo


I often think back to our first visit to Korah when we stumbled through its’ broken streets and stooped through a dingy doorway into the blackness of a small, dirt floor hovel and met a mother, utterly destitute and crippled, with three children. They had no food, no blanket or bed. This must surely grieve God. That day changed our lives and commenced us on the amazing journey of Hope for Korah.  Much has happened since then; numerous doors have opened, allowing for us to stand in support of this mother and many others who are needy and suffering in Korah. We believe God has a vision for Korah that is beyond what any of us could or can imagine. “For the Lord is high above the nations;  his glory is higher than the heavens.  Who can be compared with the LORD our God,  who is enthroned on high?  He stoops to look down on heaven and on earth.   He lifts the poor from  the dust  and the needy from the garbage dump.”  Psalm 113: 4 - 7 NLT Now w

Two Families Need Sponsors!

I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET YESEWLKE   Two years ago, she unexpectedly became a widow  when her husband died in a tragic accident. Yesewlke’s family suffers from extreme poverty as she and her 5 children ages 15, 11, 10, 8 and 3 sleep on the dirt floor of a sparse, dilapidated Korah hut. Daily she goes into Addis begging and makes about 3 – 5 etb (17 – 28 cents). Yesewlke saves this money for the $12 monthly rent which is needed to keep the tiny, one room hovel that she lives in. This leaves no money for the feeding of her children, let alone herself. She is a skinny lady, with no shoes and dressed in rags. Yesewlke scrounges and begs for their daily bread. This mother and these children desperately need a sponsor. If you think you might like to bring HOPE to this family, please read below for more information. You can change their lives!   I WOULD LIKE YOU TO MEET MAHARI, a single father  who is raising three beautiful daughter

Brother Sister Friend Mail Delivered – Over 350 kids!!

How much fun to be able to deliver mail from one side of the world to the other!! And how much more fun when you are delivering it from one child to another!! It was such a blessing to have this opportunity and it required many hours of work by many people, not only behind the scenes in Canada, but at the scene in both Korah and the Sheshemene Boarding School. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE IN ETHIOPIA, CANADA AND THE U.S. WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!! Eden is thrilled to be matched with her NEW Sister Friend Addison Below you will see some of the photographs showing the Brother Sister Friend (BSF) party we had in Korah.  It was wild and crazy!  Over 240 children attended and I am so thankful for EVERY leader and helper that came to the party to help out… we could not have done it without you!!  There were goodie bags and letters to deliver, to translate from English to Amharic, to write from Amharic to English, NEW Brother Sister Friend cards to fill out, songs to sing, cookies and

My bags are packed and I am ready to GO… I mean - UNPACK!

I began this post last week before leaving Canada, and no matter how I tried the blog would not let me post it, technical difficulties… So, here it is, the NEW and REVISED VERSION. After many full days of crossing off lists, packing, unpacking, rearranging and repacking I can actually say I am ready to go!!  Well… THAT WAS MONDAY. I began with 3 hockey bags full and ended up with 5 bags – almost 400 lbs of donations and mail!! Talk about mail! One and one half bags are full of Brother Sister Friend letters and special notes from 'kids to kids'. It is such a privilege to be able to bring these precious notes and many supplies to the children and families of Korah. FAST FORWARD TO FRIDAY: When arriving in Korah, I was welcomed by many whom I love and cherish. It is so good to be here and it was a joyous homecoming indeed! To read more and see pictures, please go to the Hope for Korah Facebook page . All of those heavy, hockey bags are now being unpacked, organized & sorte

Precious Little Abraham - Prayer Warriors Needed!!

I would like you to meet Abraham.   He is a precious 2 year old little boy who lives in Korah and is also living with a dangerous heart condition.  Besides this, Abraham has Down Syndrome, which brings numerous other conditions and risks that impact him on a daily basis.  Fortunately, his family is being sponsored through Hope for Korah and over these past few months, with God’s leading and the help of his amazing sponsor, P61 nurses Emily and Kayla, numbers of Great Hope Leaders and his beautiful and courageous mother, he has been daily & weekly, going back and forth between many hospitals, appointments and numerous testing to ascertain what his future may hold.  Without God’s intervention, it does not look good.   ABRAHAM NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS!!   The crucial heart surgery Abraham needs is not available to such a young child in Ethiopia.  A viable option is to bring Abraham, and if possible his mother, to the U.S. on a short-term medical visa to have both the surgery and

"YOU'VE GOT MAIL" AND 'MEET & GREET with Berhanu & Emily'

This past week has been busy for Hope for Korah, as we have had two local events and BOTH WERE A LOT OF FUN!: B R O T H E R S I S T E R F R I E N D P A R T Y ! Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and supported the Brother and Sister Friend (BSF) Party and to those who worked so hard to make this evening a great success! Many kids of all ages, received NEW MAIL and PHOTOS from their BSF in Korah, and NEW Matches were made! An extra special thank you to Jason who donated his time and brought his FUNBOX PHOTO BOOTH to the party.  This made for a lot of crazy, zany pictures and a lot of fun!  Click on the link under the photo below to see more photos and fun-filled moments.   For more information on how you can become a  Brother Sister Friend email Erika at     CLICK HERE FOR MORE BSF PARTY PHOTOS MEET AND GREET  With Berhanu & Emily Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Berhanu and Emily on Thursday evening!  We all drov

You are Invited! Meet & Greet with Berhanu & Emily

We have the unexpected privilege of having Berhanu and Emily here! We hope you will join us to welcome them  to the U.S./Canada border town of Lynden, WA. This is as close to Canada as we could get them without a visa! Berhanu Tenker grew up at the garbage dump in Korah.  God has worked miracles in his life! He is now the Director of Health & Family with Great Hope Charities, our partnering agent on the ground in Korah and he helps to oversee many of our Hope for Korah programs.  We are so excited that both he and his wife Emily, a nurse with Project 61, will be here to meet with us, share their story and how God is using them on the ground in Korah. Hope for Korah will be having an informal gathering  Thursday, August 23rd, 7:30 p.m. 115 E. Homestead Blvd. Lynden, Washington We hope to see yo u ther e! Feel free to invite your friend s! Please RSVP For more information contact Eve Pohl For map/directio

A Taste of Ethiopia - with Berhanu & Mastee in Oregon

Last weekend we took a road trip to Oregon and had the privilege of spending time with our dear brothers from Korah - Berhanu and Mastee and the Cornish family!  Mastee and newlyweds; Berhanu and Emily are in the U.S. for a few weeks visiting and speaking in the Oregon area.  As many of you know, Berhanu works with Great Hope Charities and helps to oversee our Hope for Korah Programs in Ethiopia.   Not only was it a 'surreal' blessing to see them all in our part of the world, but we also had the rare opportunity to be treated to an authentic Ethiopian dinner and coffee ceremony prepared by non-other; Mastee and Berhanu - two master chefs! So delicious!! For those of you living in the Lower Mainland, B.C.  and in Northern Washington state -  we have an unexpected surprise;  YOU CAN COME OUT AND MEET  BERHANU & EMILY AND HEAR MORE ABOUT THEIR MINISTRY IN KORAH  ON THURSDAY AUGUST 23RD, 7:30 P.M.   WE ARE HAVING AN INFORMAL GATHERING AT HOMESTEAD GOLF


Come out and find out more about the Hope for Korah 'Brother Sister Friend' Program! Get connected with a friend in Korah Ethiopia and develop a friendship with someone on the other side of the world. We are globally connecting God's kids from 5 years old to early twenties.  IF YOU ARE IN ABBOTSFORD BC & LOWER MAINLAND: Come out on August 22nd, for some food, crafts, a photo booth and much more! Cost is $5 at the door to cover costs for food and crafts and more! See you there! I F YOU LIVE IN THE U.S. OR CANADA: YOU can still join in the Brother Sister Friend program even if you are not from the Abbotsford area! If you or your kids (5 yrs - 20 something) are interested in being matched with a Brother or Sister Friend in Korah please contact Erika at for more information. Click here to watch the Hope for Korah BSF Video  "HELP WANTED - Brother Sister Friend"  For more information on the BSF Program Please co

Unexpected Blessings

During our last trip to Ethiopia we received an unexpected blessing… A young couple who had arrived in Addis on an adoption related trip dropped by the our guesthouse with three huge bags full of new shoes!  With the help of their church, they had collected shoes, stuffed them with socks and packed them into their suitcases.  I have wanted to post these photos for a while and give a SHOUT OUT and a BIG THANK YOU to Melissa and Jesse, and Pinecrest Community Church in Colorado.  You have made a difference in Korah!   "LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL NEW SHOES!!" I’d like to share with you a glimpse of what happened the following morning.  After the children finished eating at our Berta Breakfast Program we surprised them all with the shoes.  They were excited

"Loving the Least of These" - The Elderly Lepers' Home

We are very excited about this NEW program- and are hoping you may join us to serve and  "Love the Least of These" The Reality of Those Living With Leprosy: For anyone who has ever visited Korah and sat with the Great Hope Charity (GHC) leaders over the lunch hour as they hand feed the elderly lepers, they cannot help but be touched by the leaders' expression of love and humility.  Unable to feed themselves due to their debilitating disease, these lepers walk with their crutches and prosthetics, poor vision and twisted limbs quite a distance over rock and rubble for their only meal of the day.  They have been persecuted and are now alone, without family or the ability to support themselves.  The moment becomes even more poignant when visitors themselves begin to interact with these gentlemen, whom the leaders affectionately refer to as the "Elders".  Whether through conversation, a smile, a helping hand or a hug, spending time with thes