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Praying Together for Korah

Below is a prayer that   I believe  was placed on my heart in 2010 and  it has likely watered “seeds” that I have never seen. However, one seed that I have had the privilege of watching grow, unexpectedly led to the formation of Hope for Korah . When I returned home from my first visit to Korah, I could not let go of the devastating poverty I had witnessed, my heart was heavy and I asked God, “Why did I end up there? What should I DO?” At that time, I only heard one answer… “Pray and ask others to rise up and commit to praying this with you. I will give all of you direction, as you come together and pray. ” ( Journal entry May 13, 2010 ) This action item remained alone, at the top of my list for almost one year and until God brought me back to Korah. Since then many prayers and items have been added to my Korah ‘TO DO’ list, but most recently I have felt compelled to go back to this prayer as I believe it is the root and heart of all that God wants to do in Korah. I think