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"YOU'VE GOT MAIL" AND 'MEET & GREET with Berhanu & Emily'

This past week has been busy for Hope for Korah, as we have had two local events and BOTH WERE A LOT OF FUN!: B R O T H E R S I S T E R F R I E N D P A R T Y ! Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and supported the Brother and Sister Friend (BSF) Party and to those who worked so hard to make this evening a great success! Many kids of all ages, received NEW MAIL and PHOTOS from their BSF in Korah, and NEW Matches were made! An extra special thank you to Jason who donated his time and brought his FUNBOX PHOTO BOOTH to the party.  This made for a lot of crazy, zany pictures and a lot of fun!  Click on the link under the photo below to see more photos and fun-filled moments.   For more information on how you can become a  Brother Sister Friend email Erika at     CLICK HERE FOR MORE BSF PARTY PHOTOS MEET AND GREET  With Berhanu & Emily Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Berhanu and Emily on Thursday evening!  We all drov

You are Invited! Meet & Greet with Berhanu & Emily

We have the unexpected privilege of having Berhanu and Emily here! We hope you will join us to welcome them  to the U.S./Canada border town of Lynden, WA. This is as close to Canada as we could get them without a visa! Berhanu Tenker grew up at the garbage dump in Korah.  God has worked miracles in his life! He is now the Director of Health & Family with Great Hope Charities, our partnering agent on the ground in Korah and he helps to oversee many of our Hope for Korah programs.  We are so excited that both he and his wife Emily, a nurse with Project 61, will be here to meet with us, share their story and how God is using them on the ground in Korah. Hope for Korah will be having an informal gathering  Thursday, August 23rd, 7:30 p.m. 115 E. Homestead Blvd. Lynden, Washington We hope to see yo u ther e! Feel free to invite your friend s! Please RSVP For more information contact Eve Pohl For map/directio

A Taste of Ethiopia - with Berhanu & Mastee in Oregon

Last weekend we took a road trip to Oregon and had the privilege of spending time with our dear brothers from Korah - Berhanu and Mastee and the Cornish family!  Mastee and newlyweds; Berhanu and Emily are in the U.S. for a few weeks visiting and speaking in the Oregon area.  As many of you know, Berhanu works with Great Hope Charities and helps to oversee our Hope for Korah Programs in Ethiopia.   Not only was it a 'surreal' blessing to see them all in our part of the world, but we also had the rare opportunity to be treated to an authentic Ethiopian dinner and coffee ceremony prepared by non-other; Mastee and Berhanu - two master chefs! So delicious!! For those of you living in the Lower Mainland, B.C.  and in Northern Washington state -  we have an unexpected surprise;  YOU CAN COME OUT AND MEET  BERHANU & EMILY AND HEAR MORE ABOUT THEIR MINISTRY IN KORAH  ON THURSDAY AUGUST 23RD, 7:30 P.M.   WE ARE HAVING AN INFORMAL GATHERING AT HOMESTEAD GOLF


Come out and find out more about the Hope for Korah 'Brother Sister Friend' Program! Get connected with a friend in Korah Ethiopia and develop a friendship with someone on the other side of the world. We are globally connecting God's kids from 5 years old to early twenties.  IF YOU ARE IN ABBOTSFORD BC & LOWER MAINLAND: Come out on August 22nd, for some food, crafts, a photo booth and much more! Cost is $5 at the door to cover costs for food and crafts and more! See you there! I F YOU LIVE IN THE U.S. OR CANADA: YOU can still join in the Brother Sister Friend program even if you are not from the Abbotsford area! If you or your kids (5 yrs - 20 something) are interested in being matched with a Brother or Sister Friend in Korah please contact Erika at for more information. Click here to watch the Hope for Korah BSF Video  "HELP WANTED - Brother Sister Friend"  For more information on the BSF Program Please co

Unexpected Blessings

During our last trip to Ethiopia we received an unexpected blessing… A young couple who had arrived in Addis on an adoption related trip dropped by the our guesthouse with three huge bags full of new shoes!  With the help of their church, they had collected shoes, stuffed them with socks and packed them into their suitcases.  I have wanted to post these photos for a while and give a SHOUT OUT and a BIG THANK YOU to Melissa and Jesse, and Pinecrest Community Church in Colorado.  You have made a difference in Korah!   "LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL NEW SHOES!!" I’d like to share with you a glimpse of what happened the following morning.  After the children finished eating at our Berta Breakfast Program we surprised them all with the shoes.  They were excited