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World Leprosy Day is Jan 26th - Can You Help?

This Sunday is ‘World Leprosy Day’.   Every year this day is acknowledged globally to increase awareness and help those who by societies’ standards could very easily be considered the “Least of These.”   Although this disease has seen a great decline due to medical breakthroughs with Multiple Drug Therapies in the 1980s, there are still pockets around the world where people continue to suffer the physical and great emotional abuse of this disease.  Korah, Ethiopia is one of those places. Personally, some of the most disturbing experiences I have had in Korah were during my visits inside the hovels of the elderly lepers.  These men are completely alone, without support and often living in the most horrendous circumstances.   Their debilitating disease leaves many of  them crippled and unable to feed or care for themselves.  I have been in the homes where they sleep on dirt floors or dilapidated beds and in horrendous conditions that are inhumane; corners of make-shift shac

"Korah" - Taking Action and Bringing Hope for Korah - NEW VIDEO!

"Korah" - Taking Action and Bringing Hope for Korah.  Newly Released Video - Hear first hand from the families, widows, children and elderly lepers whose lives are being changed by those who have supported Hope for Korah.  These personal testimonies and video footage show our holistic approach to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty in Korah. Featuring the Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship Program, Income Generation Program, Berta Breakfast Program, Daycare, Kindergarten and Elderly Home for the Lepers. In this video you will see that  "Together WE CAN make a difference!!"   Please join us in 2014 and Stand With Korah.   For more information on how you can join us  to make a difference please read previous post  Stand With Korah