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World Leprosy Day is Jan 26th - Can You Help?

This Sunday is ‘World Leprosy Day’.   Every year this day is acknowledged globally to increase awareness and help those who by societies’ standards could very easily be considered the “Least of These.”   Although this disease has seen a great decline due to medical breakthroughs with Multiple Drug Therapies in the 1980s, there are still pockets around the world where people continue to suffer the physical and great emotional abuse of this disease.  Korah, Ethiopia is one of those places.

Personally, some of the most disturbing experiences I have had in Korah were during my visits inside the hovels of the elderly lepers.  These men are completely alone, without support and often living in the most horrendous circumstances.   Their debilitating disease leaves many of them crippled and unable to feed or care for themselves.  I have been in the homes where they sleep on dirt floors or dilapidated beds and in horrendous conditions that are inhumane; corners of make-shift shacks that we would consider unsuitable for animals let alone for men who in spite of their disease, are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made' - Psalm 139. It is so wrong.


In response to this injustice HFK began a program ‘Loving the Least of These’- An Elderly Home for Lepers. Presently we have 5 ‘Elders’ living full-time in the home and we are now in the process of moving into a new compound that can hold 8 – 10 Elders.  The Elders’ Home provides these men with dignity and hope through proper housing, beds, daily assistance with hygiene, food, medical, clothing and community. 

We are praying for 20 sponsors who would give $60 per month to support these Elders.  This commitment would fully fund the Elders’ Home for 2014 and bring dignity, love and hope to these who have been ostracized, persecuted and forgotten for so long.

Could you please help to make this happen? It would be so wonderful if on World Leprosy Day 2014, we could change the lives of 8-10 lepers. Would you please consider Standing with Korah in this way? Your monthly sponsorship or one-time gift to The Elders’ Home would make an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of these elderly lepers.

UPDATE July 23rd 2014
We are still in need of Elders' Home Sponsors!!!

To Sponsor or Donate to The Elders’ Home 
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HFK Elders' Home:

Photos of their living conditions prior to living at the 
HFK Elders' Home:

Adana Slept on the floor

For more information on The Elders’ Home or Hope for Korah please contact

To read more about the Lepers in Korah please read earlier posts:


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