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Meeting Baby Juddah’s Twin Sister - Sarah!

I could feel the anticipation inside of me growing as I walked down the bumpy Korah trail that led to Baby Juddah’s home.  In many ways it seemed so strange – it was only a few weeks ago, that my husband Dave and I drove to Seattle, WA to meet Baby Juddah.  Now here I was in his birthplace, about to meet his mom, grandmother and sister, whom I had prayed for, so very many times.  As you may already know, Juddah was born in Korah, but has been in the U.S. since January on an emergency medical visa, awaiting treatment for hydrocephalus.  His little face, sweet personality and story has captured the hearts and prayers of many!  Below you will find some links to earlier posts that tell his story.  However, this story is not about Juddah, but about his twin sister Sarah…

I would like to introduce you to Sarah -- the healthiest and biggest baby living in Korah!  She has glowing round cheeks, pudgy little legs and a gentle, precious personality.  Sarah has been
blessed by those who are supporting her family; providing her with formula, diapers and clothing.  When meeting this precious baby girl, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if all Korah babies had her opportunities. Because this is how all Korah babies should look…” 

Sarah did not begin life with such a bang! In fact when Cherrie Cornish and Berhanu Tenker first met her, she and her twin brother Juddah were barely breathing.  They lay cold, blue and lifeless on urine soaked blankets.  You see, babies in Korah don’t wear diapers and babies in Korah don’t drink formula.  Instead, babies in Korah are often malnourished and cold because they do not have proper nutrition, clothing or blankets.  Sadly, many do not make it to their first birthday.   That would have been the fate of Sarah and Juddah, had God not brought Cherrie and Berhanu into their lives that day.  The journey they have been on since then has been nothing short of miraculous (more links below.)

I want to thank all of you again, who donated to ‘Hope for Korah’, as we were able to bring much needed formula with us on this trip and we also purchased many packages of diapers for the Great Hope Ministry programs.  If you are interested in contributing to the purchase of additional diapers and formula for other babies living in Korah please go to DONATE and specify that this is for the “Baby Care Fund.” 

Benefits of Modern Technology

During our visit with Juddah and Sarah’s mother Chebree, Dave pulled out his iPhone and showed them a video of our time in Seattle, holding Baby Juddah.  It was one of those moments that are hard to wrap one’s mind around… “What was this young mother thinking?  Here are two strangers, whom she had never met, showing her a video of her son smiling and squirming in their arms and living in another world, so far away, that she cannot relate to or understand...”  I am not sure all of what she was thinking, but the love and joy it brought to her face spoke volumes.

Later, Dave sent a video of our above visit with Chebree and Sarah, back to Cherrie and Juddah in the States and I just HAVE to post this here, to complete the circle, as it shows Juddah watching this same moment - his family in Korah…. incredible isn’t it??? (Wouldn’t this be a good advertisement for iPhone… maybe it would help to pay for other babies receiving formula and diapers in Korah – please let me know if anyone has Apple connections!!)

Below are other photographs taken during some of our visits with Sarah and Chebree in Korah.   What a joy it was!!

Juddah and Sarah's big sister Mahalet

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  1. That is so cool!!!! You have to send this to Apple somehow!!!
    And what a gorgeous little baby!

  2. Dear Eve,

    Oh how God loves His people...and how He weaves our lives together so that we can be at the right place, at the right time for His perfect plans of redemptive hope and love.

  3. Beautiful story and photos, thanks for sharing! Can you tell me which child in the picture is Mahalet?

  4. Thank you for posting a response to this story... yes, they are a very precious family! Mahalet is the little girl holding the Canadian flag.


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