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Our 2017 HFK Christmas Catalogue

Here is our HFK Christmas Catalogue! These are no ordinary gifts - these gifts are about changing lives! Please consider looking through these pages to discover the many unique ways that you can inspire, support, and give tangible gifts to the children, families and those living with leprosy in Korah. Give the best gift of all this season - HOPE to those who need it most!


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A Student Success Story - Guest Post by Berhanu Dawa, HFK Project Manager

Fikerete is one of the children supported by Hope for Korah since the beginning of the project. Her mother was among the first beneficiaries of  HFK's Income Generating and Family Empowerment Programs. Fikerte’s father (who died two years back) was totally dependent on his wife’s meager income due to his severe health problems. At completion of her grade 10, Fikerte couldn’t score high enough to continue her education and complete her high school. Even so, she dreamed of going to go some college and be graduated at a diploma level. Nevertheless, her family couldn’t afford to pay her school fee. She is the oldest among the siblings and she was forced to share the heavy burden of generating income with her mother. There was no hope for her to pursue further education.
Since her family became beneficiaries of the Hope for Korah project, however, their history started to change. Fikerte got a sponsor who supported her to continue her education. Thus, she joined a college to study Acco…

NEW VIDEO! 'Our Story' - Hope for Korah

NEW VIDEO!! 'Our Story' highlights the unexpected beginnings and journey of Hope for Korah. Important milestones reveal a story of hope and transformation for those living in extreme poverty at the Addis Ababa garbage dump in Ethiopia.

The poverty in Korah remains. It is beyond desperate. 
We saw what we saw, and so we enter in...

There is still much hope to give!

GIVING TUESDAY - Sponsors Needed - Can you Help?

Are you interested in transforming the life of a family or young person living in Korah? We have one family and several young adult students who are currently waiting to be matched


Are you interested in transforming the life of a family or child living in Korah? We have several families and young students who are currently waiting to be matched with a new sponsor. Sponsorship offers holistic support through targeting basic needs and equipping individuals to thrive economically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
Family Sponsorship
Workenesh & her two sons
We currently have two families in need of sponsorship. One is a single mother of two who has worked tirelessly to provide for her children. When we first met Workeneshshe was forced to sleep out on the streets with her children because their home by the garbage

Can you Help Care for Our Elders?

We love our Elders and we need others who will demonstrate love to them too!! The Elders are in need of more sponsors! Visiting them is always such a joy. Recently, they were so excited to receive their new fleece sheets. These will bring much warmth and comfort during the cold and rainy Korah nights. We also were able to get everyone outside including Adana! He has been bedridden for a long time and it was so wonderful to see him outdoors with a big smile on his face!
We are in need of at least 15 sponsors giving $60 per month to help bring love and dignity to these men who are all living with leprosy. If you would like to give a one time gift or become a monthly sponsor, please contact Eve at or use the form at the end of these photos.  

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Pitching in to Help Tigist

We love Tigist and Lemma's story and it gets even better as their community joins in to help! After Tigist received her loan and purchased a used table and chairs for their business, numbers of the young adult/teens came together along with Lemma in order to sand, paint and recover the furniture. Once done everything looked brand new! Lemma's son Henok was part of this group and later that same day, he and his friends prayed for his family and the success of their new business. Talk about working together! Next step - Moving Day!!

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