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HOPE FOR KORAH NIGHT - With Our Partners & Special Guests from Ethiopia


Berhanu Tenker grew up in extreme poverty, surviving at the garbage dump in Korah and he is now the Family Sponsorship & Health Coordinator overseeing the Hope for Korah programs in Ethiopia. His wife Emily has been serving in Korah as a nurse for two years. 

BYUSH and her family NEED A NEW SPONSOR! Can you help?

Byush and her family live in a small one room hut. Their life is hard and they are in need of a new sponsor so they can remain in the family sponsorship program.  A few years ago, her husband broke his back in a construction accident and witnessed a haunting tragedy in their own home.  As a result he has suffered much physical and emotional pain, leaving him very limited in his ability to work.  The whole family has

Yabselah - One Child Among Hundreds ----- Guest Post by Clement Wee

Imagine playing with four hundred kids in one small playground. We only had twelve leaders; that’s about thirty-five kids each! I didn't have to imagine - this was reality in Korah...

April 19, 2013. This was the day I met Yabselah. Everyone on our team had been on a mission’s trip before, so we were all familiar with having lots of kids holding on to us at one time. You may know what I mean if you have been on a trip like this before, but every once in a while there will be that one child that really sticks out. Yabselah was that child in Korah.

There were a few things I noticed about her right away. She had an unforgettable smile that is hard to describe, almost a combination of innocence and humility. She was also especially skinny. Most kids will cling on to you and then run off to someone else for attention if you are pre-occupied or too busy. Yet, this one remained faithful. She would hang