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If this doesn't fill your cup - nothing will!

"If this doesn’t fill your cup - nothing will!" Those were the words of my new-found friend Lauren, who came with me to Korah on a day that turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip!

A month before leaving for Ethiopia, I had asked Sammy, the Director of Great Hope Ministries in Korah; "What is one of the greatest needs that you have right now?"  His answer, was that second to baby formula for the HIV mothers, they needed new clothes for the elderly lepers.   Thanks to God and to those who generously donated to Hope for Korah we were able to fill this need.  It was such fun for me to go shopping at the Mercardo (market area) in Addis for these clothes with Berhanu and Murad, leaders from Great Hope Ministry.  I was the only "Ferenge" (foreigner) in sight, but alongside my body guards, I felt very safe and had quite the experience.  After the bartering was complete, we came away with thirteen new suits, shirts, socks and shoes for the Elders of Korah.
Bartering and trying on suits

Arriving at the shelter the next morning, I knew it would be a joyous occasion for these men, but what I did not expect was the excitement and joy on the faces of all of those around who
gathered together, to witness and celebrate this special moment. The courtyard was filled with laughter and joy! Everyone clapped and cheered as each man emerged from the shelter transformed and beaming, having exchanged his dirty rags for a new suit and shoes. Some of the Korah ladies could not hold back their tears, as the men they valued so deeply were honoured and treasured in such a way. My cup did overflow that morning and I believe all of our cups did! 

I hope you too; will experience some of this joy as you enter in this celebration through the following photographs and videos.  Thank you to everyone who made this moment possible.  It was a privilege and honour for me to share this moment on your behalf and I will always remember it, for the rest of my life.


Then came the moment everyone was waiting for
as the Elders emerged one by one out of the children's shelter
dressed in their new clothes!

Preparing for the BIG PHOTO SHOOT
My favorite video: It's a few minutes long 
but it is worth watching to the end!

Heading for Home at the end of the day

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  1. That is so great!!!! It made my day :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. He has Risen in His people! May God Continue to bless you and what you are doing for HIS glory!

  3. love it. what a beautiful picture of what God does for us when we come to His Son Jesus.

    And I loved hearing the Amharic and voices of friends/brothers in the videos, warmed my hearts so much!!

  4. amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this -- like Claire said... made my day! :)

  5. Dear friends;

    Have heard from Fernando that you arrived home safely. By the looks of the amazing photos, testimonies and opportunities, it looks as though many prayers were answered. Give Him all the glory. Strength to you both as you now adjust to life back in Abbotsford. May the Lord give you grace and peace and wisdom as you reflect on and continue with your heart for Korah from your Canadian location.

    Can't wait to see you and to hear....

    Love and blessed Easter hope to you and all who are thirsty....the Savior rescues, redeems our lives and stories....

    Joanne and John Paul

  6. WOW. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!! Eve, betam ameseganhalo for sharing with US all the shared joys of Korah! Praise Him and blessings to you and these men whom God loves and cherishes and honours. A joy shared is a joy doubled... and this one is multiplied and exponential-ized and just overflowed!



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