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"Break My Heart, with What Breaks Yours..."

Safely back in Canada, these were the words we sang this Easter Sunday in my home church; "Break my heart, with what breaks Yours" and this is the image that immediately filled my thoughts.  This ash-covered young girl... not so safe, in danger... scavenging at the garbage dump in Korah. I took this photograph last Sunday when standing at the Korah dump.  She is likely there today, even now as I am writing.

Of all the photographs I have taken in Korah and still to be posted, this is the one that hurts my soul the deepest. I believe this is the one that  breaks God's heart...

She never said a word and as our eyes locked, she just wouldn't let go. It was as if her eyes cried out to me... 

"What do you see, when you look at me? Do you see me? Can you REALLY see me? This is my life... I live in pain... I am suffering... I live in hunger... I am afraid.....Do you see what I see? There is no hope... for me."

Please pray. I do not know her name, but I do know God sees her... He walks beside her... I believe His Spirit cries out on her behalf... His heart is for this young girl... to break her free from the bondage and injustice that fills her life. God sees what she doesn't see - that there is HOPE because He has made a way... HE HAS RISEN!

... and maybe God wants our hearts to ache like His, to move us.... so He can transform this little girl's life  and ours at the same time. I am trusting He will make a way and rescue her. Great Hope Ministries will be following up with her at the dump. We are hoping to include her family in our Great Hope Ministries/Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship Program. I will have much more to share on this, in the weeks to come.

I wasn't going to post today, but one thing has led to another and I couldn't get these words out fast enough....I am actually still sitting, seat-belted in my car, since returning home from church, writing this on my iPhone. I think I better go in and join the rest of my family... We have so much to celebrate! Blessed Easter to everyone - here and in Ethiopia!


My First Glimpse of Her at the Trash Dump

There Are Eight in Her Family 


  1. There is so much pain and fear in her eyes. Heartbreaking. So glad God has brought people like you to Korah and because of this, things won't remain the same there. They can't.

  2. It must be so hard not to scoop her up and take her away from that mess. A warm shower and hot meal in a hotel. But then what? So sad and so awful that their are people, especially sweet children, living like this. It does break my heart.



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