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A Life Worth Celebrating

Over the few weeks I have been in Korah, it has been such a privilege for me to spend time with the Elders, to laugh with them, pray with them and celebrate with them. You may wonder what these broken men have that is worth celebrating. Well, that is the wonder of Korah… One of the pearls of great value found in the destitution of Korah was finding those few who have been redeemed from the pit in a way that those of us in the West have never experienced.

I would like you to meet an endearing gentleman, his name is Adana. His body is broken, but his spirit soars! His beautiful smile and precious heart overflows with praise and love for his Lord! He eagerly shares with me that once he worshiped evil spirits but not any more. God touched his life and now, all that he is, he is for Jesus! His enthusiasm is contagious and those who speak to him always seem to break out in a smile or laughter. He was a joy to be with!

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