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Yesterday - I met Baby Juddah!!

Yesterday - I met Baby Juddah!! Oh my goodness – he is as beautiful and adorable as every picture I have ever seen! I was warned “Be prepared to fall in love!” and yes, that is definitely a fair warning. 

Dave and I drove to Seattle to meet up with our friends, Rick and Cherrie who are caring for Juddah.  It was pretty special to actually meet this precious, 5 month old little boy, whom we have been praying for, for so long. It is almost surreal, knowing he was born in the trash dump community of Korah, where I visited last year and am soon to return (in 32 days, 23 hours – but who’s counting!) He has already been on such an incredible journey in his short
life and if you follow his story, you will see how God’s hand has been on him, every step of the way.  Right now he has been brought to the U.S. on an emergency medical visa and he is going to be having brain surgery in the very near future.  However, what is so amazing is that the neurosurgeon,who is treating him at Carilion Hospital in Virginia, can hardly believe that this is the same little baby, whose earlier MRI and CT scans she read.  Things are changing… and for the better! Juddah now has the tiniest soft spot forming on the top of his head… one that was not there a few weeks ago! They have also discovered that instead of both sutures on the back of his skull being fused (as shown in the earlier CT scan, that now, more recent scans are showing that only one is fused.)  Let’s all keep praying for him and following his journey!  To read my earlier post, go to Imagine just for a moment … Baby Juddah’s Story

Also, please keep praying for my friend Beylanesh.  I have not received an update on her condition and do not know if she is still in the hospital or not.  Beylanesh has leprosy and has suffered much… To read my earlier post, go to Urgent - Beylanesh needs Prayer!!


To read how we came to Korah and see photos of this impoverished community read my earlier post;  When our plans fell apart - God's plans fell into place...He led us to Korah


  1. love it so happy you guys made the long drive to love on our little Juddah. It was such a blessing to have the time with you!

  2. Baby Juddah is a miracle! To think that he came from a dirty, hidden slum in Addis, Ethiopia all the way to the United States to receive the best medical treatment possible. He has been treasured and deeply loved by Cherrie and Rick, who have become his trusted guardians and prayer warriors.They have offered him their hearts, their homes and their hope. As time has gone on and prayers have continued to bathe little baby Juddah, it is evident that God is mightily at work in his life. He is showing clear signs of improvement and even healing...signs that were not evident during his first examinations and tests. God is healing little Juddah one day and one prayer at a time. One can only feel a deep affection and an incomprehensible joy for this little boy who has touched all of our hearts. And how great is the love of God for little baby very great! Baby Juddah is a reflection of what God desires and has in store for the people of Korah. God has BIG plans for each and every man,woman and child .They are not forgotten. They have a future and a hope that stretches well beyond anything that we can ever imagine.

    love you & praying for you as well,
    C & J

  4. Joanne and the Paul FamilyMarch 3, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    How wonderful that you both could go and visit Juddah....he looks amazing and to God be ALL the glory for his care and improved condition!
    Your friends would have been so happy to see you again and share in this joy.

    "Not a hair can fall from our heads without our heavenly Father's knowledge.." and this indeed is true for all our precious children and little Judah.

    What a testimony he has at such a young age...

    Joy, peace and more peace as you count the days and hours till you leave.

  5. he is a beautiful miracle what a beautiful baby

  6. wonderful news about baby Juddah!
    Thank you for making this blog- we will be following it for sure. Our hearts and prayers are always for Ethiopia. love, the Beugelink's :)


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