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Returning to Korah

I suppose this 'Hope For Korah' blog attests to the fact that my journey to Ethiopia did not end upon returning home as Korah continues to be on my heart.  Over this past year as I have been connecting with those who live and serve there, my husband, Dave and I continue to sense that God wants us to be a part of what He is doing in Korah.  Although it is not quite clear as to what that might be, we do know that God calls us to care for the poor, the widows and the orphans. (James 1:27, Isaiah 58:6-10) We don’t have all the answers, but both of us feel we are to take the next step, to go back to Korah, walk through that door and see where God leads. So guess what? Dave is going to Korah too!  The first week, I will be on my own as he will be in Germany on business, but then he will join me for the latter half of the trip. He has been a great support and he is looking forward to meeting everyone and serving where ever the need is greatest. 

Our purpose in going will not only be to serve those living in Korah, but to meet with the leadership of the church, to discuss their needs and plan how we can further serve alongside them.  In the near future, I will be posting a more detailed update highlighting a few very needy families, as well as various other needs within their community.  We will be stuffing our suitcases with supplies and are hoping to purchase additional donations, food and medical supplies while there.  We appreciate your continued prayers for the people of Korah, the work God is doing there and also for our trip.  

Forty-three days and counting....

One of my favorites photographs!


  1. What a beautiful girl and a beautiful smile. A spot of brightness for sure!



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