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Urgent - Beylanesh needs Prayer!!

Please pray for my dear friend Beylanesh.  I have just spoken with Sammy in Korah, and have learned that she has been in the hospital since Friday! If you have read her story, you will know that Beylanesh has suffered much in her life.  Not only does she live in extreme poverty, but she has leprosy and only has one partial foot (she lost her feet at 22 days old when she rolled into a fire.)  Please pray for her, as I believe it is her partial foot that is infected. She needs this foot! May God bring her strength, healing and hope; a very real sense of His presence with her. She is not alone or forgotten, but deeply loved and cherished!

If you would like read more about Beylanesh, go to my page Beylanesh - A Family Sponsorship Story
Prayer warriors needed!


  1. Will keep her in my thoughts, Eve. SO sorry to hear this :(


  2. Praying as I read this Eve. God in your mercy, in your mercy ....

  3. Thank you so much for praying! I have not received an update yet, but when I do, I will let you know....


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