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Bring Intentionality: One Brother Sister Friend letter at a time.

Guest post by Karissa Schat 

"I’ll send you a text." In an era of quick & convenient communication tools, letter-writing is long forgotten. A quick text or email does the trick most of the time, and if it’s longer than three sentences, we keep it in our inbox as ‘unread’.


But have we lost the JOY, the intentionality of writing to those we care about? Is the art of letter-writing long forgotten? In the rare case that I receive one myself, I practically SQUEAL with delight. Out loud. They took the time to write me this, I think to myself as I eagerly scour the contents. And THAT is something worth reading.

In Korah this past June, I was able to see that joy & anticipation first-hand. I was in a room with hundreds of exuberant, energized children who were waiting for their mail from their Brother Sister Friend. Most were there because they knew what it was all about: but many were just curious... they wanted in on this, too.

Perhaps it’s an inherent need to be REMEMBERED, to be thought of & noticed in this tangible way: a way of saying “I care about you ENOUGH - to take the time to sit down, pray for you, and write you this.” 

The goal of the “Brother/Sister Friend” Program is to let these kids know they are not forgotten, overlooked, or insignificant. To be a friend – a friend ACROSS THE WORLD - who cares about them, prays for them. Our desire is for young people HERE to understand the needs of someone their age in the Global South & the privilege of developing a relationship with them.

An intercultural pen-pal.

No matter your age: YOU can bring love & hope to the children in Korah! This could be a general "Dear Friend…" encouragement & card from you, or numbers of cards from your bible study group, church, school or signing up your child to connect with their own Brother Sister Friend (BSF). There are many ways to be INTENTIONAL about writing a blessing to a child in another part of the world – please JOIN US! 


We have hundreds of children
waiting for a letter from a friend!

At every Brother Sister Friend (BSF) party, we have at least 100 children show up who do not receive letters and many more waiting to be matched. As mentioned above, you can sign up to be matched with a BSF pen-pal in Korah. DEADLINE for upcoming BSF PARTY & MAIL DELIVERY TO KORAH is May 31st, 2018.

OR if you (and/or a group of friends) are not officially in the BSF program, you can still write a short note or card to encourage a child in Korah (no return mail from Korah will be received). Please write to "Dear Friend… " and mail to HFK office no later than May 31st, 2018.  Mail to: HFK Canada & U.S. Office, P.O. Box 16013 Abbotsford, B.C. V3G 0C6 Canada