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Sammy’s First Public Speaking Engagement in America

                                                                                                                    Post written by Dave Pohl

This past Sunday, we took a road trip south to Salem, Oregon to be with Sammy Liben as he gave his first public testimony in America.  Cherrie and Rick Cornish organized a “Welcome to the USA party!” inviting friends, family and anyone else who was interested in hearing the story of Korah. The Cornish home was filled with people and it was a great welcome for Sammy.  There were people of all ages, some who have been to Korah and many who had not.   Numerous adoptive families were in attendance and it was wonderful to see so many beautiful faces from around the world!   

The highlight of the evening began as everyone gathered on the back lawn to listen to Sammy share his personal story, including the story of Korah.  It was compelling to hear him share how his father escaped to Korah, fleeing from vicious attacks and persecution because of his leprosy.  Everyone listened intently to every word of Sammy’s story; hearing how God later intervened in his life, bringing him hope, a future and a vision for his own community. To know that we too can join him on this next part of his journey, serving those who live in extreme poverty is a challenge and joy that many are privileged to share.

Here is a clip of Sammy's talk as he recalls earlier years,
 living at the Korah trash dump:

Handmade baskets woven by women from Korah 
were sold as part of an income generation project.

Cherrie Cornish and Hope for Korah displayed 
photos from recent trips to Korah.

Sammy has since flown to Billings, Montana and will be speaking at Harvest Church on July 24th.  For more information go to​ethiopiahopeconference

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  1. great post Eve.. I've shared it on my Facebook and will link from my blog to in a day or two... so great to have you here in OR.... See you in Korah soon!

  2. Will Sammy be speaking anywhere in Chicago soon?

  3. Hi Brittony,
    Sammy will not be speaking in the Chicago area on this trip and will be flying back to Ethiopia after his time in Montana. If I ever do hear of him speaking in your area, I will be sure to post it.


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