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A Day at the Beach... with Juddah

If you have not read Cherrie Cornish’s new blog post and update on Baby Juddah you must check it out! Juddah is doing better and seems to be adjusting well to the new shunt they have put in.  He still has a long road ahead of him, so please keep praying. Cherrie has more details on her blog and of course more adorable photos of this precious little guy! 

As you can see, we too have a few of our own, as it was so wonderful to see Juddah again during our recent trip to Oregon (see earlier post on Sammy’s visit).  When seeing Juddah, one would never guess what an incredible struggle and journey he has already been on in his short little life.  His gentle spirit has

a way of grabbing one’s heart from the very first time one meets him.  This was definitely the case for my son Nicholas, who was immediately drawn to Juddah and could not get enough of him during our time together.  Meeting both Juddah and Sammy was a great introduction and connection for Nick as he is preparing to leave on our upcoming trip to Korah in August.  For me, it was a little surreal seeing both of these beautiful people with my son in North America. Sometimes it is hard to wrap ones mind around all that God is doing; to grasp just how big our world is and yet sometimes so small. Sometimes one just has to simply sit back, enjoy the journey and a day at the beach…

 "Heyyyy.... I know you...!!!"

"Aren't you supposed to be in Korah???"

"God is good! God is good - Yes! All the time!"

To read Cherrie's recent post on Juddah go to


  1. Oh Eve... I miss Nick. Juddah and he had a real connection it was such a blessing to watch the heart of a young man be touched by little Juddah. Love the pics!


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