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GUESS WHO is landing on North American soil TODAY?

Sammy Liben!!!  If you have ever been to Korah or read about what God is doing there, you will likely have heard of  Sammy Liben and the dedicated ‘Men of Korah’ who lead Great Hope Ministries.  As young boys, they grew up at the trash dump in Korah and for many years, while still living in poverty themselves, they have been reaching out to their community with the compassion and love of Christ.  During this time they have been faithfully praying together each week, that their people would not be forgotten and that God would intervene on behalf of Korah.  God is answering their prayers! Over the last year and a half, He has brought many people into Korah to minister to this community.  BUT NOW God is bringing Sammy in person to North America to share his story and minister to us!  We have much to learn from Sammy and those living in Korah… stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – What is Poverty?  This is written by Sammy himself and you will be touched by how he answers this question. 

If you would like to hear Sammy in person you can do so, as he is landing in Oregon today and he will be speaking at an informal gathering in Salem on July 10th.  We are so excited and we will be there to hear him!  Dave, my son Nick and I are driving down for this great event and we are looking forward to spending a couple days with Sammy, Baby Juddah and the Cornish family.  If anyone is interested in joining us on this road trip or if you live in the Oregon area, be sure to email and we will give you all the details!  After Oregon, Sammy will be flying to Billings, Montana to speak at Harvest Church.

To learn more about Sammy Liben read The Most Poignant Moment... and Sammy's Story

To learn about the Trash Dump where Sammy grew up read The Korah Trash Dump - thoughts & reflections


  1. WOW, that's so awesome!! I would totally love to come with you, but I can't, as I've got a baby shower and a birthday get-together with a friend next weekend. I really wish I could join you!!


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