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"Women's Health Education Day" - Guest post by Jacqueline Strating

In Korah, there is a distinct kind of strength and resilience that you notice in the women; it is written on their faces and told through their stories of hardship, perseverance and triumph. These women have so much to offer this world - from their deep compassion for one another and for their families, to their genuine warmth, gift for hospitality and love for others. These very women are nurturing and building up the next generation, and it became our vision to further equip these women with some basic education and practical skills to help them and their children remain healthy, strong & able to better meet some of the challenges they face.

With the help of our wonderful HFK Ethiopian social workers and nurses, along with our two team nurses and two social workers from Canada and one enthusiastic youth, we worked together to put on a second "Women's Health Education Day". Our aim for this day was to provide pertinent health information to the women of Korah in a way that was practical, memorable and applicable to the situations and ailments that are common to their community. Through providing women with practical knowledge on how to boil the contaminants out of their water, how to reduce the spread of germs, and how to care for their skin and scalp to prevent fungus and lice, our hope is to equip women with the ability to prevent the debilitating effects of certain health conditions before they begin! We also wanted to remind these women of their inherent value as daughters of God, and the role that they can play in caring for their bodies and their futures.

Once again, we began this year's Health Day with a crazy and fun ice-breaker that easily demonstrates the rapid spread of germs.  I am certain no woman was left without glitter somewhere on her hands, face or body!  These "glitter germs" continued to spread the entire morning - long after our ice-breaker was over.

Click here to watch our 18 sec. clip
of germ-spreading fun!

After hours of putting together packets of multi-vitamins, filling gift bags, gathering and preparing health information, and individually packing a gift bag for each attendee equipped with hand-sanitizer, lip chap, multi-vitamins, a comb, brush, hair accessories, lotion, hair oil and soap, the day was ready to begin! Women poured into the compound in pairs and groups, some carrying their young children on their backs, and others assisted the less mobile to their seats. Women filled the benches and lined the walls - over 180 women came to participate in this incredibly fun and educational day!


The air was thick with healthy competition and enthusiasm as the ladies waved their hands in the air, eager to share their responses to our 'reflection questions' in exchange for a prize!

Giggles and laughter spread throughout the room as we demonstrated the contraction and spread of germs through a skit… and LOTS of glitter!!!

Demonstrating and practicing proper hand-washing before snack time!

Snack time consisted of lots of chatter, cookies, chocolates & soda! Here are a number of ladies who are also members of the HFK Income Generation Program:

What a joy it was to observe and be a part of women empowering women through sharing their knowledge, questions & experiences with one another! 

Our Ethiopian and Canadian Nurses & Social Workers