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Jake is Moving to Ethiopia!

    We are excited to announce that mid-July JAKE BONER will be MOVING TO ETHIOPIA for five months to serve with HFK!! We eagerly anticipate great things from Jake.... Over the past 3 years when it comes to serving the people of Korah, Jake has been “ALL IN!” He has travelled to Ethiopia numerous times to serve on short-term missions. He is absolutely committed to Korah and we are more than pleased for Jake to serve with HFK on a long-term basis.

    While in Ethiopia, Jake’s primary role will be helping to further develop our Youth Programs which serve the elementary to young adult age groups. This has been an
    important focus of our programming this year to further develop our youth programs. But to thrive, the program needed a hands-on leader on the ground. Recently we hired Shemelis as our Child & Youth /Ethiopian Social Worker. Jake has been tasked to come alongside him to help lead with programming such as boys & girls’ soccer, summer & after-school activities, leadership development, spiritual care/bible studies, and developing relationships with children and families. Many of these families are led by widows and abandoned mothers who are working towards breaking out of poverty and becoming self-reliant through our HFK family sponsorship and income generation programs, so Jake will be indirectly serving these women as he comes alongside their children. 

    In addition to this, Jake will also be helping minister to those living in our Elderly Lepers’ Home and Vulnerable People’s Compound and he will also oversee various work projects required to maintain HFK’s four compounds that house our various programs. 

    As you can see, Jake will be very busy! Please keep him in your prayers as he finalizes many details for his departure. Pray for wisdom, discernment, energy and good health for all that is before him and especially for God's undeniable leading each step of the way.


  1. This is such good news. Semelis definitely needs a helper and this is one of the things we told him we would be praying for when we met him. What a blessing!

    1. You are so right! Thanks for praying Jessica - we are so excited to have Jake on the ground! :)


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