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“Women’s Health Issues Educational Day” Guest post by Megan Huizing R.N.

A number of weeks before our HFK mission’s trip to Ethiopia, four of us; two nurses and two social workers put our heads together to come up with ways in which to bless the beautiful women of the Korah community.  These women are incredibly hard working, strong and beautiful.  Our focus would be on how we could bless and equip them on this one special day. 

Most importantly, we wanted to collaborate with local Ethiopian and U.S. nurses; so through many emails and discussions on both sides of the globe, together we all came up with the following game plan:

1.     We would provide education on pertinent women’s health issues in a way that was both interactive and relevant to the women in Korah. 
2.     The day would cover topics such as pregnancy, menstruation, family planning, HIV/AIDS and sexual health. 
2.   We would share an encouraging message of dignity and self-worth; sharing how God   created each woman in a special and unique way.
3.   A delicious lunch and treats would be served.
4.   Provide door prizes and gifts to honor each woman who came.

Ethiopian Nurses & Translators
 U.S. Nurses Kayla & Emily (R) with
 Sarah one of our Canadian Nurses (L)

The day finally arrived, and the large classroom was crowded with around 100 women. There was lots of enthusiasm, and a buzz in the room. Please CLICK on this short 36 second video below, that shows our “icebreaker activity” and the women fully engaged while learning a valuable lesson on the spread of germs (using beach balls, glue and glitter!)

We began teaching, and the women received us graciously. With the help of translators we were able to communicate messages of self-care and messages of hope. The women were fully engaged with the program, they laughed with us at some skits, they listened intently and they asked insightful questions after the sessions. Each woman received a meal and a special care package with a washable, monthly hygiene kit made by “Days for Girls Ministry” out of Vancouver B.C. The women walked away that day blessed, and so did the members of our team.

The education that took place was reciprocal – we all have so much to learn from these women of Korah. Throughout this special day, the women in return blessed us with their incredible gift of worship! During break times, the women would stand up and start dancing, singing and praising the Lord with voices, hands and feet. It was a sweet sound. These beautiful and courageous women of Korah showed us how to worship with abandon and worship in freedom. What a blessing! (See below for short video featuring "The Women of Korah')


 Learning about Sexual Health

Many fun door prizes were awarded to the oldest and youngest, the most children, those with stickers under their lunch plate and on and on...

Some were given just for wearing
 Childcare and Lunch was provided for by the 
KGHC & HFK Team Men
      All toddlers received a stuffed animal 
    and pregnant moms or those with babies
      received baby blankets

         The day ended with a 'teaching demonstration' 
        on how to use and care for a monthly hygiene kit, 
          made by the "Days for Girls Ministry" in Vancouver, B.C.  

      On the way out the door, everyone received their own special hygiene kit, 
        menstrual cycle chart for family planning and 
        special hand written note from a woman who 
        was praying for them back in Canada. 

This was one of the best days in Korah  - all of us were blessed!


  1. “Women's Health Issues Educational Day” Guest post by Megan Huizing R.N.. A number of weeks before our HFK mission's trip to Ethiopia, four ..check it out

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