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HFK Team back in Korah

A few days ago I arrived in Addis. It was so great to be welcomed back by so many beautiful smiles, dear families and friends - and an Ethiopian coffee ceremony!  We have a small HFK team this trip - Jake and myself (Eve) - and as always, we are working alongside Kore Great Hope Charities (KGHC) who does all the work on the ground in Korah. 

I do have a special prayer request  during this trip- Please pray that God would provide a new & suitable Income Generation compound for this program - we love our current one, but the owner is moving back into it, in a few weeks. Finding suitable compounds can be challenging - but I am sure God has one in mind... we just have to find it! Thank you for all your prayers!

I have already posted photos of our new day care, families and children on our Facebook page.  Please check it out for further updates during this trip.