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Changing Lives, Empowering Families - STAND WITH KORAH

Changing Lives, Empowering Families! When I think of these words, I think of Serkalem. The contrast of her life today compared to when I first met her is nothing short of unbelievable. She is truly an example of someone whose spirit was trapped in the unrelenting grip of poverty and whose life has been dramatically transformed because someone else decided to...
As you will see in Serkalem's Story below - 
 Together, we can make a difference...

November is Hope for Korah's fundraising month & we are asking you to join us as we care for the destitute - the elderly lepers, widows, children & families of Korah. In preparing for 2013, our goal is $75,000.  Any gift great or small will help loosen the yoke of poverty in Korah.  Please read recent post  STAND WITH KORAH.

Serkalem's Story

I will always remember the day I met Serkalem. She was lying, deathly sick in bed, hardly able to move with a fussing baby latching lethargically onto her breast. Concerned for her life and worried that her children may soon be orphans, the leaders brought me to her home. Her husband was dead and she was left alone; completely destitute, with three young children. That week she had been poisoned by food she had eaten and scavenged from the city garbage dump. Her children’s faces were blank, empty and hopeless. Their living conditions were horrendous. Their home reminded me of a prison cell; filthy, no window, one broken down tin door that could not fully open to let in light because of the makeshift bed that filled their living space. A family of four, living in this spec of a room, it was heart breaking to say the least.

Through circumstances that I can only attribute to God’s intervention, He immediately provided a sponsor – that very night! When hearing her story, Patty (who happened to be staying at the same guesthouse as me) was quick to say “I will sponsor her!” and she has since that time STOOD WITH KORAH, coming alongside Serkalem and is making a huge difference in the life of this family.

Fast forward to 1 ½ years later - Patty, the Great Hope Charity leaders and I have been astounded by the transformation in Serkalem’s life! I will let the pictures below speak for themselves, but first, I would like to leave you with these words… words that describe the Serkalem we have come to know, love and respect. 

When loosed from the shackles of poverty, 
This is the person we have seen emerge



Here are a few photos that show her journey
since becoming a part of the
Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship Program

APRIL 2011
A few days after my first meeting with Serkalem (top photo), her new sponsor Patty, was able to come to Korah and meet Serkalem in person. Patty's sponsorship had an immediate impact - BRINGING HOPE AND A FUTURE INTO SERKALEM'S LIFE!

This is the same little boy as in the beginning photo, above. What an incredible impact proper food and nutrition had on her children.  Their skin tone, hair, energy and health had dramatically improved.  This was a different family!!

After her family stabilized and moved out of the critical state they were in, Serkalem began making beautiful baskets for income generation.  Her attention to detail and natural talent is evident in all that she produces.  
Serkalem takes pride in and care of her home. Earning money from baskets has empowered her to be the creative person God made her to be. She has been able to purchase a beautiful bedspread and a flower arrangement for her table, bringing dignity and beauty into her home.
Serkalem's two boys (left) have been enrolled in school, 
receive uniforms, school supplies and after-school tutoring.

In April 2012, Patty returned for a visit and was reunited with her Korah family.  Everyone was so excited to be together!  However a few days later, all of us were completely taken aback when we arrived at Serkalem's home.  She had invited us for coffee in celebration of Patty's visit and her son's 7th birthday. Unexpectedly, she had prepared an incredible feast! I am sure she gave all that she had in order to bless each of us who attended.  No one could have foreseen this incredible honor and that day will remain etched in my memory forever.  It was such a stark contrast from just one year earlier. I could not help but marvel at what God has done - how Serkalem's life has changed!  It is a humbling privilege that I do not take lightly, to witness such transformation and to be an honored guest and recipient of Serkalem's love and joy.  

(1 1/2 years after sponsorship began)
Serkalem is learning a new skill! Here she is (2nd from right in red) in the new Hope for Korah compound.  She is learning to sew with some of the other women who are in our Family Sponsorship program and part of the Hope for Korah Income Generation project.   

We are trusting that as more people STAND WITH KORAH, 
this upcoming year will bring more change and empowerment into the lives of families and children living in Korah. 

We invite you to join us,
 Together, we can make a difference...

To Make a Donation: 

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