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"YOU'VE GOT MAIL" AND 'MEET & GREET with Berhanu & Emily'

This past week has been busy for Hope for Korah, as we have had two local events and BOTH WERE A LOT OF FUN!:


Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and supported the Brother and Sister Friend (BSF) Party and to those who worked so hard to make this evening a great success! Many kids of all ages, received NEW MAIL and PHOTOS from their BSF in Korah, and NEW Matches were made! An extra special thank you to Jason who donated his time and brought his FUNBOX PHOTO BOOTH to the party.  This made for a lot of crazy, zany pictures and a lot of fun!  Click on the link under the photo below to see more photos and fun-filled moments.  

For more information on how you can become a 
Brother Sister Friend email Erika at   

With Berhanu & Emily

Thank you to everyone who came out to meet Berhanu and Emily on Thursday evening!  We all drove in from out of town and it was well worth it! Berhanu and Emily did an amazing job, touching all of us with their stories and work in Korah!  Please click on the link under the photo below to see more pictures of our time together.