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Korah Families need your support! Together WE CAN make a difference!

We are so pleased to finally announce that the Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship Program is launched!  The purpose of this program is to take action towards breaking the cycle of extreme poverty for families living in Korah. Sponsorship will provide them an opportunity to move out of this critical state through better living conditions, food, healthcare, education and relationship. The goal is that over time, families will become involved with income generation and community development projects which promote self-empowerment, giving back to their community and will lead to healthy, stable and self-sustainable families.

Below we would like you to meet Masrash.  She is one of a number of families who still need a sponsor.  If you would like more information on how you can come alongside her or another Korah family, giving them an opportunity for a hope and a future please contact Eve at    


Masrash moved to Korah as a little girl.  She has been a widow for 9 years.  She is a beggar and in the past worked at a rock quarry, carrying stones for a few cents a week. She has since developed kidney problems due to heavy lifting and now her only source of income is begging. She has 4 of her children living with her; ages 25, 15, 10 & 9 and 1 grandson age 10. Her adult daughter (25) has HIV.  They share one bed in a small, dingy makeshift hovel filled with darkness as there is no window and power is scarce.   

One enters her home through this outside door 
(above Masrash & her daughter)
 and then walks to the very back to reach her one-room dwelling.
 (below Masrash is standing in the entrance of her home)

We will be posting more profiles over the next few days.  
For more information on Family Sponsorship contact Eve Pohl at