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Little did I know sixteen months ago, when I first entered a Korah home that the prompting in my heart to come alongside the destitute woman that stood before me, would be the beginning of a journey that I could never have imagined.   As some of you know since that first meeting (read earlier post: Beylanesh - A family Sponsorship Story), not only have both of our lives been changed, but Hope for Korah (HKF) itself has come into existence and we have been working with Great Hope Ministries in Korah and have just this week launched the Hope for Korah Family Sponsorship program!

This has been an amazing journey as one door has seemed to open unto another and I am thrilled to say that out of our thirteen families – we only have four more that need sponsors!  I am leaving for Korah next week on Thursday… WOULDN'T IT BE AWESOME IF I COULD BRING EVERY FAMILY THE GOOD NEWS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN SPONSORED? 

If you think you might be interested in joining us to come alongside one of these families below or would like additional information, please contact me and I would be happy to send you detailed information on the HFK Family Sponsorship Program. Please email Eve at

Kumenger  is  45 years old. Her husband has left Korah, abandoning Kumenger, their 5 beautiful daughters and 1 son, ages 18, 16, 13,11 and 8.  She and her oldest daughter often go

to the dump or work as day labourers, carrying rocks for about 60 cents per day.  The 16 & 13 year old girls embroider to bring a few more cents into the home. This family attends Great Hope Church in Korah.           

Their home is divided into rooms by curtains.  They have two beds to share.
Total size of family: 1 adult, 5 children


Garta and her husband Fanta are an elderly couple and they have been married for 40 years!  Two years ago Garta fell off of a roof while trying to earn a few pennies as a construction labourer.  She suffered a brain injury & is now paralyzed.   Her 80 year old husband is a beggar and has been a leper for 60 years.  They have 2 adult daughters (30 & 25) and 2 grandchildren (12 & 18 mos.) living with them. With little food the youngest child only drinks breast milk. The eldest daughter washes clothes in someone else’s home for $8.00 per month.                                                                                                                           

Total size of family:  4 adults, 2 children 


Mzmarsh has suffered with HIV for 10 years (being treated) and lives with her four daughters (ages 20-26), two teenage sons  and six grandchildren. They are a Christian family and the daughter was reading her bible when we came into their home. They pull together whatever income they can by working at the rock quarry, day labourer jobs and washing laundry.  As in many families, the women of Korah are left abandoned or widowed, becoming the leaders of their home.  On their own and with no source of income, they struggle to meet basic needs and the children are no longer able to attend school.  Then the cycle continues on with their own daughters and their children.  So it goes in Mzmarsh's home; her daughters were forced to quit school early, now they are raising their own children in Mzmarsh's home and both of her sons, ages 18 & 19 year old have had to withdraw from school, in order to help the family.  

This family lives in a mud & tin  home 
that floods during the rainy season.
Total size of family: 5 adults, 2 teenagers, 6 children

Masrash moved to Korah as a little girl.  She has been a widow for 9 years.  She is a beggar and in the past worked at a rock quarry, carrying stones for a few cents a week. She has since developed kidney problems due to heavy lifting and now her only source of income is begging. She has 4 of her children living with her; ages 25, 15, 10 & 9 and 1 grandson age 10. Her adult daughter (25) has HIV.  They share one bed in a small, dingy makeshift hovel filled with darkness as there is no window and power is scarce.   

One enters her home through this outside door 
(above Masrash & her daughter)
 and then walks to the very back to reach her one-room dwelling.
 (below Masrash is standing in the entrance of her home)

Total Size of Family : 2 adults, 4 children


If you would like more information please contact Eve at 

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