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Today is World Leprosy Day!

Some faces tell a story. The story of a type of beauty and depth that is created when hardship and courage meet. To me, the faces of each of our HFK Elders tells that story. Each time I have visited with these sweet gentlemen, I am compelled by their rich understanding of what it means to be thankful. Seeing how these men live with such joy in the face of the rejection and pain that they have lived is truly remarkable. We have so much to learn from our older generation!

In addition to having a daily caregiver who looks after their needs, the HFK Elders also have a specific social worker that meets with them weekly to plan and facilitate activities with them. This time often involves having coffee, playing games, and socializing. Sometimes they will even have another community member come in to teach the men a new skill such as knitting! The Elders especially enjoy singing, dancing, and going on their monthly field trips - these men are SO full of life!

To make a difference for those living with leprosy in Korah, please donate at: Or email: