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GIVING TUESDAY - Sponsors Needed - Can you Help?

Are you interested in transforming the life of a family or young person living in Korah? We have one family and several young adult students who are currently waiting to be matched
with a new sponsor. Sponsorship offers holistic support through targeting basic needs and equipping individuals to thrive economically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Post Secondary Sponsorships


Tesfaye is a hardworking young man who was our first HFK high school graduate! Tesfaye is now enrolled in a 3-year accounting program at a local college and needs someone to help him pursue his education. He was recently recognized for placing at the top of his class! For just $35/month you can help Tesfaye continue his post-secondary education through providing tuition, books and supplies. Education is such a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty and to empower the next generation to fulfill their potential! JUST SPONSORED!! Thank you!


Ayanadis is also in need of a sponsor to come alongside her and support her in her education. $35/month will provide her with the support necessary to continue in school! Post secondary support provides a young adult student with necessary textbooks, tuition and supplies to help them break the cycle of poverty through empowering their minds! SPONSORED!! Thank you!


Mekdes is another deserving young person who is working hard to fulfill her dreams of pursuing post-secondary education. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Mekdes in her efforts to further her education. Tuition, books and supplies cost just $35/month and can make a lasting impact on Mekdes’ life and future. SPONSORED!! Thank you!


Fikerta is in her late twenties and has been working as a janitor ever since completing high school. Fikerta is a capable and bright student who has always dreamed of pursuing post-secondary education, but was never able to afford it. She is so grateful and excited to be pursuing her education in accounting! Just $35/month will help provide her with tuition, text books, and and supplies - a hope and a future! SPONSORED!! Thank you!

To learn more about sponsorship, or to come alongside Tesfaye, Ayanadis, Mekdes or Fikerta, please contact Jacqueline Strating, HFK Programs and Sponsorship Manager at

Family Sponsorship

Rehima & two of her sons

We currently have one family in need of sponsorship. Rehima and her husband have 4 sons. Two of their sons are in their teens, and two are young boys. When we first met this family, they were working very hard to survive and have all of their basic needs met. The family often ate just 1-2 meals per day. Through Hope for Korah sponsorship, Rehima's family can continue to access basic medical care, education, and the opportunity to work towards building skills that will aid them in becoming self-sufficient. REHIMA'S FAMILY IS NOW SPONSORED!! Thank you!

You can make a tangible difference in the lives of this family. Sponsorship costs $120/month and can be shared by 2 or more sponsors, families, or even a church or community group. Through having their basic needs met, and being a part of a nurturing community that promotes empowerment, education, health and income generation, this family will be given opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and darkness. 

Your partnership can help replace hardship and uncertainty with hope and transformation! 

For information about sponsorship or to become a sponsor, please contact  Jacqueline StratingHFK Programs and Sponsorship Manager at 


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