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Tigist Shopping for Family Business

Last week Tigist obtained the first loan ever from her Self Help Group (SHG) - A FEW DAYS LATER she and our staff went shopping for her family's new business!   THE Goal - to purchase a table/desk, bench and printer for the computer they have earned. This was a very empowering moment as Tigist shopped for the best bargain on used furniture and learned all about new printers and the operations of various ones, eventually picking out and paying for the one she preferred.  Tigist and Lemma have worked hard to get to this point; having earned this furniture through points saved at our HFK Benefit Souk (store) and  personally saving two thirds of the cost of the printer, the remaining third coming from their SHG loan. 

This is HUGE for their family and everyone is so excited! If you would like to read more about this family, how they came to HFK, as well as Tigst & Lemma's romantic love story - how God kept them together in spite of war, separation, loss of both legs and extreme poverty please read our popular, #1 most read HFK Blog post from a few years ago.  You will appreciate even more the significance of this moment! Read - "Yabeslah,One Child Among Hundreds" 

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