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Sometimes my gut does somersaults and my heart sinks as I meet some of the most desperate people... This time it is three orphaned children ages 15, 10 and 8.  These children need immediate support!!
Three weeks ago, two brothers and their younger sister were brought to me and our staff at our First Aid Clinic in Korah.  Two women whom we had never met appeared at the gate, telling the children’s story; that their mother had suffered from a terrible illness and she had died in early December.  Since then, the women professed to have been caring for the children and were seeking support and sponsorship so they could continue to care...  But the truth be told, after further investigation and completing a full assessment at the women’s residence, we discovered this wasn’t the case.   
The children’s loss of their mother was tragically true, but they had also become targets to be exploited, a way for these ladies to try and rent out a dilapidated barn and earn extra funds to make a better life for themselves.  During our separate interviews with the children, it was evident they were grieving, afraid and had absolutely no means of steering through the fog that lay ahead of them.  Their situation was dire as they had been trying to stick together the best they could, yet most often dispersed; moving individually from home to home and living in all sorts of precarious places.  In fall, the oldest boy had dropped out of school having to care for his sick mother and since her death; all of the children are no longer in school.   The little girl was and still is very sick, undernourished and needs long-term medical treatment and follow-up.  Her youngest brother quietly begins to sob as the burden he carries begins to spill…. how he misses his mom, how he wants to stay with his siblings, how he is worried about his sister, having to hide her illness so those
around don’t know.  At ten years old he has her newly acquired medication hidden deep in his pocket and her prescription schedule memorized, but the weight of the responsibility and grief is crushing… both myself and our social worker struggle to keep our composure.  Our eyes fill… and our hearts break.
The options before these children are slim, an orphanage would surely separate them and their greatest longing is to stay somewhere, somehow…. together.   Believing God brought these precious children to us, our team and staff spent the next few days discussing the possibilities and praying how He would have us proceed.   
God's answer has come quickly! Our hearts rejoice as HE HAS provided a way - BUT WE REALLY NEED HELP!  In record time so many details have come together including approval letters from the local government so that the children can enter full-time into Hope for Korah’s care!  But as you can imagine, what seems to us just a few short weeks, to these children feels excruciatingly long… they are waiting and holding on to each word and any inkling of hope we offer.  Just last week, the youngest brother softly pleaded, “Please, please don’t forget us!“  Well, sweet boy, we are not going to… because God has not forgotten you! 
Today, we are so excited and thankful to share that these three beautiful children will be moving  into their new home this week, at HFK's Yedesta Gibi - House of Joy!  We have hired a live-in caregiver for them and they have been enrolled and will be starting at their new school.  They will now be part of a safe and loving community and have access to all of our programs  including our Berta Breakfast Program, after-school tutoring, soccer and other youth activities.   Many of us often read and talk about 'orphan care', being a Father to the Fatherless and I believe that together, we can be just that to these three children!  But, it is going to take numbers of people rallying together so that they will indeed have the HOPE, LOVE, SUPPORT and SECURITY they need. 
This commitment to fully care for and nurture three orphaned children is a bigger and more costly responsibility than regular child sponsorship. We will need 5 sponsors at $120 each, per month to cover all the costs of their food, rent, clothing, medical, education, and the full-time salary and living expenses for their live-in caregiver.  These sponsorships can be shared! (Just 12 friends; each covering one month = one full sponsorship) Perhaps you, your friends, church or care group would like to come together and make an immediate and lasting impact for these three orphans.  There are also additional one-time expenses as we purchase two sets of bunkbeds, bedding and other set up costs.   So any gift – great or small – one time or monthly - is very much needed!!  
March 1st UPDATE:
Just a few days ago these children moved into their new home with Hope for Korah!! Our social worker shared: “It was an emotional day. Since I start working this organization I have never seen such kind of joy in people's face. The kids especially Lamrot (young girl) is very happy. As I took them to their Yedesta Gibi (new home) they were all so excited! Webetu (young boy) was crying. I ask why you crying? He was just so happy to start school tomorrow. All our families who are living at Yedesta Gibi were so helpful when we cleaned the children's room. Muliken cooked pasta and everyone ate together. I wish today you were here and you would be happy like me.”

PLEASE STAND WITH THESE CHILDREN!! We are almost half way there!
What is still needed to fully support these children?
• 3 individuals or groups (i.e. friends, care group, church), each willing to give $120 every month.
• This will cover the costs of their food, housing, medical, education, clothing and full time live-in caregiver.
We have ordered two sets of bunk beds and bedding - this is their new home, shared with their live-in caregiver. Thank you to those who have given to help make this happen... the next photo is of where the children were supposed to be moving into... but GOD had other plans!!

When the two women brought these orphans to us... this was the plan they had for them... to make this barn into their home... But as you can see in the previous photo - The children have a loving Father in Heaven - GOD had other plans!!!

This is their first morning, the children shared a Berta Breakfast with other kids in our programs.... then off to their first day at their new school!!

Please share this need with others - pray for these children; their hearts, their health and provision… and please help us find sponsors! Thank you!!    

For more information contact Jacqueline at or Eve at .   


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